Pakistani PhD Student Creates A Battery That Can Be Charged In JUST Two Minutes


Now Reading: Pakistani PhD Student Creates A Battery That Can Be Charged In JUST Two Minutes

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you really need to take your phone somewhere but realize that it is not charged or when they just take hours on end to fully charge only to run out of charging in essentially a blink of an eye? Well, if you are someone who suffers from these problems, then this creation of a Pakistani student might just end them for you once and for all.

That’s right, a Pakistani PhD student has created a battery that can be recharged to up to 70 percent in a time period as short as just 2 minutes! The name of this brilliant student is Kamran Ameen and he is from the Bagh area of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Right now, he is a student at National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing, China.


Kamran Was Researching On Energy Storage Materials

Originally, the project that Kamran was researching on was about energy storage materials and other devices. Though, he himself preferred to work on and research about Lithium-ion batteries. So as he went forward with the project, he managed to create materials that could store energy for long periods of time. As per Kamran, the batteries will work on their full potential for as long as 8 whole years.

Talking in detail to a media outlet about his project, Kamran said;

“The research project of my PhD is regarding lithium-ion batteries. I am sure by now all of us know about the Lithium-ion battery because mobile phones are very common these days. Everyone is stressed about battery timing of mobile phones. I have seen people in a constant hurry when it comes to charging their phones. The usual way people charge their phones is once or twice a day. So, after doing rigorous lab testings, we have come to the conclusion that if you charge-up your phone once in 24 hours, the battery I have created will remain working for 8 years. Therefore, the charging potential of the battery and consequently the phone will remain the same i.e. just like it was on the first day. Hence, companies will be able to guarantee you a battery lifetime of 8 years.”


Lenovo Will Fund Kamran’s Project!

Lenovo, the renowned Chinese multinational technology company and also the world’s largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, is funding Kamran’s project. The battery is in the final stages of its production and will soon be released in to the market. Lenovo will decide the release date of the battery. According to Kamran, this battery is going to revolutionize the mobile phone industry. This is definitely great news for all tech enthusiasts!


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