Pakistani Men Cannot FATHOM Halime Sultan in 2020!


The Turkish historical-adventure TV series – Diriliş: Ertuğrul – has recently become the “must watch” show for everyone in Pakistan. It gained a very strong fan following after Prime Minister Imran Khan told the people to watch the series.

National Television started airing the Urdu dubbed version of the international Turkish hit just less than a month ago. The constant twitter trends and other social media discussions make it clear that Pakistanis are thoroughly enjoying the first season of the series. Even the official YouTube channel ‘TRT Ertugrul by PTV’ has crossed the 1 million subscribers mark and is currently being promoted to try to break the world record for most new subscribers in 1 month on YouTube (6.6 mil).

Within the series, the character of Halime Sultan has become a fan favorite among Pakistanis, especially men. Halime is portrayed by Esra Bilgiç – a Turkish actress and model – who portrayed the character from 2014 to 2018. She is also currently a leading actress in the crime-drama series ‘Ramo’.


Esra Bilgiç portrayed the iconic character of Halime Sultan in Ertugrul. For her role, she has became a sudden sensation among Pakistani people.

In this world where almost everyone can be found on social media, many of her curious new Pakistani Fans tried reaching out to her on her instagram account. Though it seems like that might have not been such a good move for them as after seeing her social media posts, they were left completely heartbroken!

They are having a total meltdown on social media ever since then as it turns out, shocker, an actress in the modern age doesn’t look like a tribal girl of the 13th century.

It was not even related to people calling her looks bad or something. This is plenty obvious as some men were clearly salivating over her

No, the problem was the haram-halal police coming at the Turkish actress with guns blazing. They were ‘offended’ that the modern version of the actress didn’t fit their image of the original Halime Sultan. This left them having a meltdown and directing hate towards Esra Bligic.

The same people who were salivating over her were now calling her “beghairat”. OH, the irony!
Not to mention that it probably went over their heads that the actress can’t even understand Roman Urdu and would most likely need a translator to even know what these people were talking about.

There were also those who completely forgot that the actress is not actually the character she played. Full of backhanded compliments, one guy made sure to write an entire paragraph on why he was disappointed with the actress for not being true to her image in his mind!

Anoushey Ashraf To The Rescue

After all of this went down, someone really needed to step in and intervene. Anoushey Ashraf – Pakistani VJ and actress – rose up to the occasion. She called out the people calling out the actress for her inappropriate dressing, for their hypocrisy. She also nailed the point that the artist should be separated from the art into the coffin.

People should keep in mind that when you try to approach someone on an international platform, you are representing the entirety of Pakistan. So just relax people. At the end of the day, Ertugrul is just a drama and the actress is only playing her assigned character. Also, LEARN to be polite to people and respect them when you try to converse about them!


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