Pakistani man's free style rap about the '90s brings back the memories [Video]

Pakistani man’s free style rap about the ’90s brings back the memories [Video]


A Pakistani man’s freestyle rap about the ’90s era brings us back to the simple and most glorified days of our life. The mystery man’s music reminisces about melodies, Junaid Jamshed Tranaaz, and news. Indeed as time is passing, all of us remember those simple yet amazing days of 90’s time. 

Wearing a simple white kurta with scarf and jacket, his name is Khaqan Arshad. In his winter look he presents a freestyle rap about the golden era of the ’90s. In his rap, he visits those memories which are very dear to all who lived 90’s time.

Music lovers and ’90s children are in awe as he brings back the memories of late pop-rock singer Junaid Jamshed, NTM dramas, 9 p.m. Khabarnama, cricket fever, cassette players, and VCRs.

 The thick mustaches man goes back to the simpler times and talks about what living in the ’90s was like. Mothers and home-makers cooked warm meals for their family and it was preferred over takeaways from restaurants.

Moreover, relationships were respected, children used to go to bed early, computers were relatively rare, phones had keypads and social media didn’t exist.

He starts his rap by saying:

“This is a rap for the ’90s people. Let’s go back, let’s learn something, and let’s refresh our memories”.

Let’s just take a look and refresh our memories with him.

Golden times of the ’90s

No doubt whatever this guy is singing is exactly on point. There is a huge difference in the lifestyle of the young generation of today which is leading them to different physical and psychological issues.

However, the internet and media are the forms to update us with the world but they also bring depression anxiety and other psychological issues along with it.

In those times life was much simpler yet tricky than today. The young generation will never understand the fun of collecting cassettes and CDs for the music collection. Sneaking out from the home after dad locks the gate was another kind of adventure. 

Moreover, Television has ceased to exist as a medium of family entertainment. There was once a time when the roads would wear a deserted look as entire families settled down in front of the television to watch the 8 pm drama. Haseena Moin’s Ankahi, for example, is followed by the 9 pm news bulletin known as Khabarnama

Netizens reaction

This talented man left all the netizens in awe. The video is trending on media and people are hailing it.

Khaqan is now ruling the hearts of 90’s kids with his masterpiece. we are hoping to hear much a more master piece in the future.

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