Pakistani made Starbucks apologize for not letting a homeless man have his lunch

Pakistani made Starbucks apologize for not letting a homeless man have his lunch


A UK-based Pakistani businessman, Sajid Kahloon-who refers to Gojra, uploads a video that goes viral on social media. According to that video, Starbucks tried to boot out a homeless man at Starbucks in South-end-sea just because he didn’t look well through his dressing although Sajid had paid his meal.

It all begin when a homeless man asked for help from everyone that they could lend him some leftover food but no one paid attention to that poor homeless man. It was Sajid Khan who helped that poor man by buying him a sandwich and a chocolate cake. The cost of both of these things was  £8.45.

The whole situation twisted when the Starbucks officials pressed the homeless man to walk away from their property. He was sitting in the outside tables when a couple of Starbucks officials came and forced the homeless man to leave that place as he smells bad and wears bad clothes. Mr.Sajid decided to help that poor man one more time after watching this incident from inside of Starbucks. He was having lunch inside Starbucks.

Sajid Khaloon stopped the Starbucks officials for making him move off the property because he has paid for his meal. He also made the video of the whole scene, says, “The food has been bought, it has been paid for and if food is being paid for and he is eating, what is the problem?”

“We want every customer to have a positive experience, and we apologize that we did not meet that expectation in this instance”, the statement further read.

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