Pakistani Doctors Are The Most Affected Health Workers Anywhere In The World

Pakistani Doctors Are The Most Affected Health Workers Anywhere In The World


Reading Now: Pakistani Doctors Are The Most Affected Health Workers Anywhere In The World

The Coronavirus pandemic has got everybody itching their heads for when this misery will end. However, the ones who have sadly fallen a victim to the pandemic are supposedly facing a very tough time both mentally, and physically. This novel pandemic has recently been used in analogy to a war. A war is essentially characterized by specialized military men with expertise in weapon operation and stealth.  Similarly, the pandemic is also being fought in a battleground – but a different one to conventional wars. This era’s battlegrounds are hospitals and health care centers which have been striving to get a hold of the death rate as a consequence of novel virus.

To see in such context, the front-line fighters are no other than our very own doctors, paramedical staff and associated health care servers. And without a hint of ambiguity, they are the most critical yet equally vulnerable asset in our fight against the pandemic. Sadly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently published a report as of May 4,2020 in which it has revealed that Pakistani doctors are the most affected health workers anywhere in the world.

Report By The World Health Organization (WHO)

The statistics in the report are saddening and both alarming at the same time. A total of 509 health workers have been reported as confirmed corona patients in Pakistan. Pakistan’s total confirmed cases were more than 21,000 on May 4, 2020. Percentage analysis suggests that about 2.5% of the total affected population are healthcare workers making Pakistan the worst affected country when it comes to healthcare workers. 263 medicinal and surgical doctors are the recorded major victims accounting to about 53% of the 509 patients. The remainder of the total count is made up by 171 paramedics (33%) and 75 nurses (15%).

Pakistani Doctors Are The Most Affected Health Workers Anywhere In The World

This situation is especially alarming because of the fact that our doctors are country’s front-line workers as well as last wall of defense in this pandemic. It is being reported that when a doctor is confirmed positive for coronavirus, the entire team of 6-7 doctors working along with him/her is bound to enter quarantine, thus rendering them unavailable for service. All his or her dear ones and contacts are tested and posed to quarantine. So far, about 2700 people have been identified, tracked and tested out of which 194 cases have been confirmed and 600 have been put into quarantine.

Lack Of Personal Protective Equipment For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare workers all around Pakistan have been incessantly complaining about the severe shortage of personal protective equipment or PPEs. The very essential N95 masks have become rare and even the very basic protective gear including simple surgical masks and head masks are nowhere to be found in hospitals. To add insult to injury, the government labels these complaints as fraudulent and irrationally continues to practise its rant of “no shortage”.

Fed up by the non-serious and misleading behavior of government, doctors and healthcare workers of Balochistan launched processions and campaigns demanding for necessary equipment. They put their delivery of services conditional to the adequate availability of safety equipment. Government’s response was nothing more than ordering the arrests of doctors participating in campaigns. Soon enough, the world saw its hope demanding its rights to safety helpless in jail cells.

Pakistani Doctors Are The Most Affected Health Workers Anywhere In The World

At this point in time, the government really needs to set its priorities straight – whether it wants public parks to be open again or wants corona deaths under control, whether it wants to boom its economy and industrialize the country amid a pandemic or wants to save millions of its people from the hands of coronavirus as its social responsibility.

Whatever the case may be, government needs to ensure uninterrupted supply of standardized protective equipment for our heroes. Because when you have no soldier left to fight with, the war is automatically lost.


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