Pakistani Boy Takes ‘Unique’ Revenge From Ex By Making Her Fail In 5 Subjects


If you are someone who is even moderately active on social media, then the chances of you not having seen the “1-5” meme yet are highly unlikely. What you might not know is that the meme originates from a love story-turned revenge tale dating way back to 2013!

The meme went viral when in a certain group on facebook, a man vented about his feelings and a part of his life which got people all around still laughing. The guy described how his relationship turned from a casual teenage-romance story to one with heartbreak and vengeance.

The Heartbreak

For the beginning of the story, the guy took everyone back to 2013 and recalled how he fell in love with a girl he met on facebook. He described how the girl belonged to a rich family and that they ‘exchanged’ their feelings in 2014. The usual balance giving stuff went on afterwards. Seems pretty normal till now, right? Well, here is where all the spicy stuff begins.

Exam season finally began and instead of preparing for them, the girl started bawling her eyes out to the boy. The boy, well, instead, of telling her to study became her ‘superman’ and stole 40k from his own house to get his friend in the board to pass her economics exam. After getting her use out of him, the girl dumped him using the good ol’ “already engaged” card and dumped the boy. Well, the boy moved on with a heavy heart and continued with his life like usual.

Revenge At Last

A year later, exam season began again and the girl came back to the boy to tell him that she has fallen in love with him again. She did not wait much to tell him that she wants him to get her board exams cleared once again, to which the boy agreed. On the surface at least…..He told the girl to not study for the exams and leave the 5 papers empty. All the while telling her that he will take care of it like last year.

The girl did as the boy told her too and shocker, ended up failing all 5 of her subjects. The guy made plenty sure that the girl did not trick him again and instead, exacted his revenge on her in a very befitting matter. Since then, social media has gone crazy with this story, making memes and whatnot. Many are even calling this the most ingenious revenge plan ever conceived. Here’s what the boy penned down in the facebook group:

What are your thoughts on the story? Isn’t this the absolute best prank you have ever seen? Tell us in the comments!


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