Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil announced about her breast cancer on Twitter


In a world full of heartless people, there are still some people exist with positive vibes. Nadia Jamil, Damsa’s leading role, a philanthrope, and social activist diagnose with breast cancer recently.

She chooses her twitter handle to share this news with her fans, which she calls her Twitter family.


Undoubtedly, this news is quite unbearable and sudden for her fans and the family of course, but every coin has two sides. The positive thing is she has stage 1 cancer which is curable and she is under treatment and looking forward to surgery.

Besides sharing this sad news Nadia highlighted some important tips for ladies by saying

“Regular self-checks are important ladies! Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities. Do NOT ever ignore your body, your health.”


As a social activist, Nadia used to spend time with the kids who are suffering from several diseases. She tweets their pictures with her and mentions how she is taking inspiration from those kids in pain.



Nadia called these little kids her teachers who taught her positivity. She adores the smiles of the children and praying that these smiles long last.

One of the fine artists of Pakistan, Nadi Jamil as an active member of twitter, replied to her fans most often. Her fans are not only concerned about her but requesting to share her experience and the precautions.


Moreover, Nadia still manages to spend her life calmly and tenderly. Even the disease like cancer cant diminishes her positive personality. She shares some glimpse of her life after the diagnose of this disastrous disease. 

Wishes & Prayers

Her Twitter family keeps sending her wishes and praying for her good health. Surely she won the hearts of many of her fans with her kind and adorable nature.


Many eminent personalities from politics and showbiz send her warms wishes and praying for her soon recovery


Due to her treatment, she won’t active on social media. She announced this news with an inspirational message.

Let’s pray for Nadia Jamil’s soon recovery!










One Reply to “Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil announced about her breast cancer on Twitter”

  1. Dear Nadia:
    I pray to Allah Taala to recover u soon from this agony. Forget about your roles in drmas and remember that Allah tests his creatures no more than their strength. He never pinches people. He heels their wounds and watched them to know how they behave when their agony is over.
    Lets Not be like followers of syedna Moossa A.H. but rather be like the followers of syedna Yunus.
    Insha Allah u will recover soon. I dont know whether u pray or not but promise your Creator to pray 5 times a day and recite quran daily in addition to say darood for syedna Muhammad (PBUH).
    God bless my daughtor. Aameen

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