Pakistani 9-Year-Old Girl Beats Indian Professor, Sets World Record In Chemistry

Pakistani 9-Year-Old Girl Beats Indian Professor, Sets World Record In Chemistry


A nine-year-old Pakistani girl, named Natalia Najam, was able to break the Guinness world record, which was initially achieved by a female Indian professor, Meenakshi Agarwal.

Pakistan is indeed full of such talented girls and boys. The girl is now the youngest and the fastest to have ever arranged the chemical elements of a periodic table.

Talking of the previous record, the Indian professor set it at a time of 2 minutes, 49 seconds. On July 18, however, Natalia broke the record, arranging the chemical elements in just 2 minutes and 42 seconds. That’s exactly 7 seconds shorter than the previous one.

Shortly after breaking the record and setting a new one, the nine-year-old Pakistani girl was very happy with her achievement. She screamed with joy, as the female judge gave her a thumbs up. Furthermore, according to the Gulf News, the little girl hopes her achievement will motivate other kids to pursue careers in courses related to Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Following the achievement of the new world record in chemistry, many people took to various social media platforms, including Twitter, to hail the nine-year-old Pakistani girl. According to many Pakistani Twitter users, they tagged the little girl with a new name, “Pakistan’s young scientist”. Additionally, many people mentioned that the girl is an inspiration to many kids in the world, eyeing the STEM subjects.

Twitterati’s Reaction

There is a wave of joy and pride all over social media.

However, the most surprising fact was revealed by Natalia’s father after her achievement. Speaking of Natalia, Hasan Najam, the father of the nine-year-old Pakistani girl said she has never received any formal schooling. Instead, she learned from home, according to a local media report.

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