Pakistan Will Establish Quality Control Labs To Standardize Exports

Pakistan Will Establish Quality Control Labs To Standardize Exports


Currently Reading: Pakistan Will Establish Quality Control Labs To Standardize Exports

Pakistan’s domestic and cottage industries produce astounding masses of high quality products which can easily be exported to foreign countries and have the potential to earn the country revenue of high degree. Yet, Pakistan has always found itself not complying to the international guidelines and standards, as a direct consequence of which Pakistan is left with millions of metric tonnes of export quality products not exported each year. Keeping the statistics in check, establishment of quality checking and control labs are need of the hour which can license Pakistani products in accordance to the international quality standard. PM Imran Khan has showed quite some interest in this and decided that Pakistan will establish quality control labs to standardize exports.

Technology And Innovation In Trade

PM Imran Khan chaired the conference in which many big names from Pakistani business community and young entrepreneurs were warmly welcomed. He discussed quite vividly that introduction of technology and innovation is imperative for Pakistan to bloom its trade. The country does not lack behind in achieving the highest standard quality for internationalization of domestic products but the lack of quality control labs which can verify this claim, surely throw all assurances out of the water for international investors and customers.

Manifold young entrepreneurs and investors attended this conference and shared their valuable experiences while establishing start ups and businesses in Pakistan. They addressed all the hurdles which can put off any potential business opportunity before idealization. They suggested many reforms and rectifications which will enable Pakistan to welcome international community, boosting country’s trade.

Pakistan Will Establish Quality Control Labs To Standardize Exports

Vision Of PTI Government

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that it is among the top priorities of his government to nullify any unnecessary troubles and tribulations that come in the way of young investors and businessmen. He told that Pakistani young entrepreneurs who have been helping the country astronomically with its revenue through their creative abilities and business communication skills are the real assets of the country. He further expressed his resolve to go all out in facilitating such bright and active minds of this country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements are quite hopeful for many businesses in Pakistan, especially the youth, who are increasingly taking interest in the business prospect with every passing day.

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