Pakistan to experience its first solar eclipse after 20 years [Pictures and Videos]


Pakistan News: According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, there will be a solar eclipse on Thursday, 26 December and it will be visible in Pakistan after a gap of 20 years. The last solar eclipse in Pakistan was witnessed in 1999. They told that it was a historical and rare event occurring after 20 years.

It is being told that this solar eclipse will be completely different from the eclipse of 1999 due to the “albedo effect”, as most of the radiation was deflected back into space due to the cloudy sky and didn’t reach the ground. However, this time, the sky will be clear and therefore the radiation will be able to reach the ground and will have a direct impact.

It had been advised to the people not to look at the sun with the naked eye during the eclipse on December 26, as this may cause permanent damage to their eyes or even blindness. But still many turned out for a view and recorded it live:

According to NASA, looking directly at a total solar eclipse is safe because it is as bright as a full moon. However, in any other case, you should only look at the sun with a pinhole camera or sunglasses.

The expected annular eclipse will begin at 7:30 AM on Thursday. The sun will be partially covered at 8:30 am. A total solar eclipse will be observed around 10:08 AM when 90% of the sun is hidden behind the moon. The eclipse will end before noon, but the day may remain partially dark until 1 pm.

According to Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz, in southern parts of Pakistan, especially in coastal areas such as Karachi and Gwadar, there will be a complete solar eclipse during the day, during which the day will become dark and look like night time.

This solar eclipse will also be observed in Eastern Europe, Northwestern Australia, Eastern Africa, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. A total of 5 solar and lunar eclipses were observed in 2019, of which only one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse were observed in Pakistan.

People have been preparing for the Solar Eclipse since it was announced:


Did you have a peek into the forbidden sight?



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