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Pakistanis are trending #BoycottIndianProducts On Twitter


Since the dissolution of article 370 by India, the Indo-Pak tensions are gearing up day by day. After a ban on Indian movies, now Pakistanis have started a movement #BoycottIndianProducts on Twitter. This Economic war will cost India heavily if it gets Implemented all over Pakistan. People are arguing that this will be a clear message to India that they can’t earn profits and use them for genocide in Kashmir and cross-border violations.

The boycott movement trends one on twitter with 15k plus tweers and calls for banning and quitting the use of made in india products like Amul, Oval, Britannia, Taj Mahal, Lakme, Godrej, Indian basmati rice are being instructed not to be used.

Below is the complete list of products that has been floating on Twitter.

Paksitanis are trending #BoycottIndianproducts on Twitter


People are actively researching all Indian products and informing fellows  to immediately quit these as India shouldn’t economically benefit from Pakistan given its hostile attitude.


Any Boycott is the best & most patriotic response by Pakistanis to BJP India’s human rights atrocities against the Muslims of Kashmir. Slogans like “Be Pakistani , Buy Pakistani” are being circulated on the web.

For those who don’t know how to Identify & BOYCOTT Indian Products? Every Indian product has a specific barcode: 890 GS1. (890 is the Country code for India) . So people actively participating in the boycott are urged to research on their own too if in doubt while doing groceries.

Some people took the ban further to unfollowing Indian celebrities and removing Indian songs from Apple Music and Spotify. As they say every rupee you spend on Indian Manufactured Products is a contribution towards Indian War on Pakistan and opression in Indian annexed Kashmir.


Cartoons like ‘Motu Patlu’ & ‘Chota Bheem’ are also part of the boycott, which proves that children content is also a part of the movement.

The boycott has also come as a way of provoking the innovative thoughts among content creators, food manufacturers and other Pakistani counterparts of India that is the next step of the Boycott; strengthening and improving our local manufacturers and decreasing the country’s imports.

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