Pakistan Threatened To Leave OIC On Delaying Kashmir Issue

Pakistan Threatened To Leave OIC On Delaying Kashmir Issue


Currently Reading: Pakistan Threatened To Leave OIC On Delaying Kashmir Issue

Just recently, Pakistan made a bold and aggressive by literally threatening the Saudi led OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation. This block of 57 Islamic countries was formulated in the past in an attempt to bind together all Muslim countries on the basis of brotherhood and fraternity. But sadly, this pact has failed frequently in coming up with important decisions that actually make a difference. Despite Pakistan’s multitude requests to call upon an immediate meeting of the 57 Muslim leaders since Article 370 was revoked in India, this Saudi led organization has showed its unbothered stance towards the issue. Pakistan threatened to leave OIC on delaying Kashmir issue. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has humbly but cleverly threatened the entire Muslim leadership around the globe.

Shah Mehmood’s Bold Reaction

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi, boldly threatened to part ways with the Saudi Arabian-led Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). If the organization does not immediately pose action and convene an effective plenary meeting of foreign ministers of member states on the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). He gave the interview to a local media house in which he said that Pakistan has been urging OIC to call a meeting of all 57 foreign ministers ever since India repealed Article 370, revoking special autonomous status accorded to the IOK by the United Nations.

Pakistan Threatened To Leave OIC On Delaying Kashmir Issue

He further stated that Pakistan would never refrain from formulating a Muslim block of its own with the countries which have always stood side by side in times of need and never paid heed on economical consequences. These countries include Turkey, Malaysia and Iran, these 3 countries without waiting a second disapproved and condemned India’s malicious move of article 370 in international community.

Fate Of Kashmiris

The ultimate ground reality is the fact that the solution to Kashmir issue actually exists on the table and not in war. If these so called leaders do not unite for Pakistan and Kashmiris, the people in Kashmir, their blood and their lives will be on the hands of insensitive Muslim leaders who found economic gains with India more important than justice and righteousness.

Pakistan Threatened To Leave OIC On Delaying Kashmir Issue

Shah Mehmood Qureshi also expressed his expectation from Saudi Arabia to reciprocate Pakistan’s approval to miss the Kuala Lumpur visit and call a meeting with 57 foreign ministers immediately as a return favor.

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