Coronavirus Pakistan: Pakistan recorded first death from Coronavirus at HMC Peshawar


Coronavirus Pakistan: The first death of the Coronavirus virus patient is recorded in Pakistan. The patient died in HMC Peshawar last night. A 31years-old man from Hangu was taken to HMC yesterday in very worse condition.


Sources have affirmed that the suspected patient flew from Qatar to Pakistan a few days back.

Yesterday two suspected patients of Coronavirus Tahir and Saeed were admitted to HMC. 

Apparently, M. Saeed died due to Coronavirus because of the symptoms he had but lab reports are not there yet to prove. Saeed was from Qatar, his family is in Qatar but he traveled to Pakistan a few days ago. Yesterday when he was admitted to the hospital, his condition was already worse.

Tahir, 34 years old suspected patient belongs to Buner. He also admitted at HMC last night but his condition is getting better.

According to the media cell of HMC, both of them are having travel history. Somehow, Doctors are still waiting for reports to find out the real cause of death; either it was caused by a virus or some other disease. There might be a chance that Saeed died due to another disease, not the virus.


According to the World Meter, today 41 new cases are recorded in Pakistan which raises the toll 92 from which 2 are recovered and others are still under treatment. 

The government of Pakistan is taking steps to cope up with the virus. Both Sindh and Punjab governments take initiatives in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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