Pakistan Post Recorded A 67% Boost In Revenue In Two Years

Pakistan Post Recorded A 67% Boost In Revenue In Two Years


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Pakistan Post in the last 30 years had gained an unmatched notoriety when it came to reliability in freight service. Also, corruption by top officials in the institution led to the deterioration of infrastructure and erosion of quality from the name. In addition to this, the advent of newer and more sophisticated private freight services like TCS, Leopard Couriers etc. completely overtook the postal service panorama. With people investing their trust and interest more and more in private sector, nation’s government owned service was crushed and had long been suffering from brutal economic losses, until the last two years. In recent reports, it was revealed that Pakistan Post recorded a 67% boost in revenue in two years.

Economic Growth In Pak Post

The revenue of Pakistan Post as an institution has recorded a remarkable increment during the last two years, with figures going from Rs.11.7 billion to Rs.19.6 billion. Officials in Pakistan Post have mostly given credit to PTI government’s new initiatives and especially Murad Saeed, who is the Federal Minister for Postal Services. Murad Saeed recently announced the commencement of many job opportunities in Pakistan Post for young people, endorsing youth’s temptation by offering free relevant technical training.

Pakistan Post Recorded A 67% Boost In Revenue In Two Years

Muhammad Akhlaque Rana, the Director General of Pakistan Post said that the latest initiatives and reforms had been aimed at recapturing the lost traffic of people and bringing structural, technological and functional modernization in the institution. Untiring efforts of every worker in Pakistan Post complying to the new policies is responsible for the great turn over PakPost has recorded.

Future Of Pakistan Post

Pakistan Post seems to be in the hands of people who believe that digitization and modernization are indeed the future of everything. In lieu of their ideology, the future of the government owned service looks quite defined and bright. Rana stated that the department is planning and working consequently to introduce ATM services, streamlined e-commerce platforms, and wants to enhance the base of international and domestic remittances as well through proper banking and online payment channels.

The Director General seemed quite hopeful and said that more and more people are now turning to Pakistan Post for cheaper and reliable freight services. He also requested fellow Pakistanis to support national institutions for sustainable economic growth.

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