Pakistan Post Employees are Selling Customer’s Parcels at Itwaar Bazar

Pakistan Post Employees are Selling Customer’s Parcels at Itwaar Bazar


Pakistan’s Government institution will never stop surprising awam with their innovative skills.

Haseeb Sohail, a social media user, has revealed that Pakistan Post employees are selling consumer parcels in the market. He shared his story on his Facebook account.

Perks of ‘Itwar Bazar’

Itwaar Bazar is consider as the most ‘Sasta Bazar’ of all the times. But you know what? You can sell ‘Chori ka Saman’ there too. The next time you don’t get your parcel, go around Itwaar Bazaar before complaining anywhere.

I order alot of items on Ali Express,China and expect it to be delivered at my home address without any tampering or…

Posted by Haseeb Sohail on Thursday, September 17, 2020

Haseeb Sohail the victim of government employees corruption posted,

“I order many items on Ali Express, China, and expect it to be delivered at my home address without tampering or stealing. I have been shopping online for the last seven years, but my parcels have stopped being delivered for the previous two months; they just vanish into thin air by the Pakistan Post.
Shockingly, it turns out that the Pakistan Post employees are selling these parcels in the market and buyers have been selling them online after opening them. Someone told me that many items are being sold in ‘itwaar bazaar’ every Sunday in Islamabad.”

Haseeb seems so dishearted with this unethical act of Pakistan’s Post employees.
He further goes like “I have lost faith in this country. I made orders of around $200 on the Ali express and received only one package worth $1.67 during the last two months.”

Moreover, he revealed that “I tried calling Murad Saeed, the Minister who deals with the Pakistan Post. Surprisingly, it turns out all the MNA’s have given fake mobile numbers to the election commission as per their website.”

Upon not receiving parcels on time Haseeb tried to investigate on his own but left in shock after the statement of the postman. “I also spoke to my postman, who delivers parcels to my address in Islamabad. He said packages, which reach Karachi for sorting, are not being released; the estate enterprise employees either sell them or take them to their homes.”

How large is Pakistan Post?

After the partition of the subcontinent in August 1947, Pakistan Post was established as the official postal service of Pakistan and has been serving the people of the country ever since.
The company has around 13,000 post offices throughout Pakistan.

Amazingly about 67% of Pakistan Post’s offices are located in rural areas where most of its private competitors are absent.

This unethical act raises a question on the credibility of one of the biggest establishments of Pakistan.

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  1. That’s true I ordered 6 iteams from Ali express but I received only three of them. One of GPO postman also told me to not order online from outside of the country. At first I did not get him but when I didn’t received my other orders then realized why the postman was saying so.

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