Teachers in solidarity with Kashmir

Pakistan observed Kashmir hour in Solidarity with the Kashmiris under curfew- Millions of People out on roads


Millions of Pakistanis were seen out in the streets to express their solidarity with Kashmiri people suffering under the brutal curfew on Indian Authorities. Prime Minister Imran Khan called for Kashmir Hour from 12-12:30 on Friday where he requested the whole nation to come out on roads and express their solidarity with unheard Kashmiris.

In his tweet, he urged Pakistanis do this for the oppressed.

President Arif Alvi and  Prime Minister Imran Khan along with all the government officeholders observed silence along with the masses that came out with flags of Pakistan and Kashmir. People stood in silence and traffic signals went red at major junctions.

While many argued this decision as ‘not enough’, the millions of people on streets today sure sent a strong message of unity against the cause of Kashmir. People left their shops open, and came to join. Cab drivers, families, office workers and others from all over the country were on the streets and roads in unity to show that Pakistanis stand with Kashmir and when needed will be there.

Teachers in solidarity with Kashmir

Roads were blocked, millions came out and stood ground amid rain and wind. The weather too went cloudy making it easier for everyone to be on the call.

Azhar shares scenes from Lahore.

Siren blared at major parts of the country. News transmissions went live and everybody was asked to show their support to the cause.

Kashmir Hour, blue area

Students came out to the call brilliantly showing the Youth’s support to the cause.

Today, as the nation stood together for a common cause, a wave of optimism and hope was seen among groups of people. Kashmiris are living under curfew for a month now, with no medicines, no access to food and basic supplies and under a complete communication blockade while the world is not doing enough.

Millions on roads in Pakistan, shows the world that humanity is not dead and we Pakistanis will stand by our brothers and sisters in this difficult time and speak for their right to self-determination.

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