Pakistan Is Ready To Use Its Own Ventilators For The First Time Ever

Pakistan Is Ready To Use Its Local Ventilators For The First Time Ever


News Today: Pakistan Is Ready To Use Its Local Ventilators For The First Time Ever

Pakistan as a country has long been notorious for importing medical equipment and products despite being able to sort out complex nuclear technology. A country with such potential had always been mocked for its dependence on foreign medical equipment especially ventilators. Ventilators are extremely critical for patients with respiratory disorders who need artificial aid for gaseous exchange. However, Pakistan has always relied on German and US made ventilators. When the novel virus hit this country of 220 million people, Pakistan only had about 2000 ventilators which seemed quite hopeless. But thanks to Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry and biomedical engineers, Pakistan is ready to use its local ventilators for the first time ever.

First Tranche Of Pakistani Ventilators

Prime Minister Imran Khan along with Federal Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry participated in the ceremony of introducing the first batch of locally produced ventilators. The government has settled on naming these ventilators as PakVent-I. Fawad Chaudhry had already told during a live TV show that Pakistani engineers had submitted several designs for local ventilators and ministries were collaborating on selecting the best design. Fawad Chaudhry addressed the ceremony saying that this is indeed a landmark achievement for Pakistan in medical science and technology. Pakistan will now be considered among the countries which produce “complex medical machinery”.

Pakistan Is Ready To Use Its Own Ventilators For The First Time Ever

Prime Minister Imran Khan handed over the first tranche of “PakVent-I Portable” to NDMA, the country’s disaster management authority. The authority will now make sure to distribute the new machinery in batches effectively in the cities which need ventilators the most.

Coronavirus Situation In Pakistan

Pakistan has recently recorded a very healthy decline in new cases. The graph has dropped to as low as about 3000 patients in a day. To add in context, Pakistan had been looking at about 7000 patients per day. It is being hoped that lockdown prevalence as well as better medical facilities will help in further suppressing down the numbers.

To date, about 4800 people have died at the hands of this pandemic whereas in total an approximate 230,000+ patients were recorded after 1.4 million diagnostic tests. More than 130,000 patients have recovered and are on their way to normal lives. Efforts of doctors, medical staff, biomedical engineers and better government policies are surely resulting in getting a hold of the pandemic.

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