Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of N95 masks


Pakistan confirmed its first Coronavirus case and yet to determine the exact number of people in Pakistan who still not diagnosed. It is not surprising because both of our neighbor countries China and Iran are leading the chart with the most cases of Coronavirus.

Pakistan so far facing the shortage of protective masks called N95. These N95 masks are becoming unavailable in the markets around the country.  Even, noting the wave in the number of suspect cases in the country and worldwide spread of the Coronavirus cases.

The sources claimed that

“The actual price of N95 mask in markets is 60-70Rs but now it’s been sold in 300-400 Rs”.

The scientist has clarified that Coronavirus is airborne and can transfer via any kind of contact. N-95 mask can protect you from the germs of Coronavirus because the mask absorbs the germs and holds them from getting under your skin.

By using the N95 mask you can lessen the chances of being affected by the coronavirus. These masks are beneficial because they are efficient in use and disposable.

As a nation we are helplessly deceased, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturing companies are busy, stocking the N95 masks and other equipment in order to sell them after with great profits. On the other hand, the main purpose of non-muslim countries is to save their people not to earn profits in this critical stage.



Even though, The Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has also imposed restrictions on the export of N95 masks and issued the notifications about it.

“In case of any attempt to export the articles for Coronavirus prevention, strict action is taken”.

Not only masks but other personal protective articles include surgical mask, N95 mask, goggles or face shields, disposable caps, biohazard bags, hands sanitizers, powders air-purifying respirators cannot be exported.

All federal and provincial drug inspectors are implied to visit importers and distributors of the protective devices to check the in-hand stock of all personal protective equipment.

The shortage of N95 masks in Pakistan is raging like a storm on social media. People are upset and demanding for supplies of N95 masks.



The government of Pakistan should take bold steps to find out the black sheep and loopholes of this dirty system as soon as possible. As a nation, we must stand firm with each other, for each other.








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