Pakistan Has Registered 38 Sellers With Amazon

Pakistan Has Registered 38 Sellers With Amazon


News Today: Pakistan Has Registered 38 Sellers With Amazon

Even though Pakistan holds one of the most expansive consumer market in the e-commerce industry, it has lacked the acknowledgement and support of authentic, viable and gigantic e-commerce companies. Pakistanis have realized the importance and scope of the e-commerce industry especially during the tenure of this pandemic. Getting things shipped to your doorstep with the help of your digital existence has got its importance manifold because people should not and do not go out extensively for the sake of shopping.

Good news right in time for Pakistanis then. The e-commerce mega-giant Amazon, the leading international online shopping brand with millions of products from all countries has realized Pakistan’s existence in the e-commerce business. In the latest proceedings, Pakistan has registered 38 sellers with Amazon.

38 Sellers Will Sell Pakistani Goods Worldwide

The 38 exporters who have been registered by Amazon are just a few from many to come in the future very soon. The very initial list of Pakistani exporters include the ones who would export surgical goods, sports equipment, home textile materials and many more things. A short trial of the shortlisted companies would be held to ensure quality control and proper training. After that, these companies would be allowed to share Pakistani export quality products with the entire world, earning valuable revenue for the country.

Pakistan Has Registered 38 Sellers With Amazon

The director general of World Trade Organization (WTO) in a video message applauded the efforts of Pakistani entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses in an attempt to establish a fully functional e-commerce policy in Pakistan. The adviser to the PM in the video meeting briefed on the improvements made in the last year since October 2019 since the policy was initially laid down on the paper. He expressed his views that the collaboration between public and private sector of Pakistan have worked together for effective implementation of the e-commerce plan.

Bright Days For Pakistan Ahead

Pakistanis have been waiting desperately for such an advancement because the common man has been left behind in this area of life by miles when it comes to comparison with other countries. Pakistani market is extremely valuable and attractive to many foreign investors and this opportunity will provide an opportunity to local businesses to get renowned and establish themselves on a global scale.

Connecting SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with such a global network will result in an exponential growth in revenue as well as branding, which Pakistani brands lack by a fair margin when it comes to international market.

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