Pakistan became the ‘Most Affordable’ country of 2020


Pakistan named the most affordable country around the globe. Recently a list of ‘Most Expensive Countries in the World to Live In 2020’ published by the CEOWORLD magazine.



Switzerland was ranked the most expensive country on earth to live in. Norway ranks second in the list followed by Iceland, Japan, Denmark, Bahamas, Luxembourg, Israel, Singapore, and South Korea.

New York City (NYC) set as a benchmark and was given an index score of 100. The remaining countries’ data was estimated by comparing their average score with New York’s score.

Cost of living, Rent, Groceries, Eating out and Purchasing power are the metrics on which magazine collects and analyzes the data of all countries.

According to the metrics, Pakistan scored 21.98 for the cost of living, 4.59 points on rent index, 19.08 points on groceries index, 16.78 points on eating out the index and 30.57 points on purchasing power index.

According to the list countries on the top like Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are considered as the most expensive and countries on the bottom like India, Afghanistan and Pakistan ranked as the most affordable countries.


It is surprising to see the countries like Syria and Afghanistan were placed above Pakistan on the index. These countries are considered as war-torn countries. This state of war in these countries is not a one-year thing, but it has been a while.

By taking a closer look at the list, it can be seen that all the European countries are grabbing the top positions. It means living there costs you a lot more than living in Asian countries.

There may be various reasons for going abroad, such as studying, working, or traveling. This list is a great resource for all those who are planning to go abroad in 2020.







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