Pakistan Army Will Take Control Of CPEC Again

Pakistan Army Will Take Control Of CPEC Again


Reading Now: Pakistan Army Will Take Control Of CPEC Again

CPEC continues to remain as one of the largest investments in Pakistan from its closest friend China as both countries enjoy strong diplomatic ties since 1951. Since this is a very critical investment for the future of Pakistan as it is expected to boost the economy and create up to 2.3 million jobs and add an estimate of 2.5% points to the annual economic growth of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan have been very skeptical about who leads this project, and this most of the times, sparks up quite a debate. Recently, people have been conversing about how the current PTI government has interests lining up with the Pak army. So it does not come as a surprise to anyone that Pakistan army will take control of CPEC again in an attempt to ensure its safety and timely completion.

Public Sentiment

Many believe the military is better qualified to oversee the project due to various reasons in terms of its code of conduct and discipline ,as there have been issues of transparency in the past faced by the civilian authorities overseeing CPEC. While on the other hand people have been critical of the army’s involvement in politics, absolutely rejecting the idea of the army overseeing the CPEC. This is also the current center of attraction for the critics of the PTI government, and opposition parties especially the PDM rallies earlier this month.

Pakistan Army Will Take Control Of CPEC Again

Key For Pakistan

This project holds great importance for the future of Pakistan, putting the current PTI government in a key position to take decisions that will yield results over time. Prime minister Imran khan as well has been emphasizing over the importance of this project for Pakistan and it’s allies .

CPEC is expected to hit a full target by 2030, while it is predicted that the manufacturing and processing industries will be completed by 2025. It’s now wait and watch to see how the CPEC translates to public benefit.

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