Pakistan Army recruits internet sensation long jumper Asif Magsi

Pakistan Army recruits internet sensation long jumper Asif Magsi


Pakistan Army has decided to recruit and train the social media sensation Asif Magsi. Asif grabs the attention of the world after his long jump video went viral.

In his viral video, Asif can be seen jumping over 11 bikes. However, his amazing jump got immense attention. In another video, Asif jumped over a lake covering an ample distance with a Pakistani flag in his hand.

Sources have affirmed that the Pakistan Army will recruit the long jumper Muhammad Asif. Not only the Army will recruit and train him but also provide him all the necessary facilities to polish his marvelous skills.

“He will now join the Army Athletics Team rather than joining the Lahore team,” the sources said.

Consequently, President Pakistan Athletics Federation termed recruitment of Asif by Pakistan Army as a positive development and said that it would further embolden his talent.

Therefore, on July 04, Asif Magsi got a call from Pakistan Athletics Federation after his video went viral.

In a video message, President Pakistan Athletics Federation Major General Akram Sahi assured that Asif will be facilitated with all available resources. “I personally contacted Asif and invited him to Lahore where we will polish his skills and make him capable of representing Pakistan at the international level,” he said.

“I have asked our senior and finest coaches to observe him as soon as he reaches Lahore,” he added.

What did Asif say about his talent?

Asif Magsi revealed that jumping was his passion from his childhood.

“I have been practicing consistently to make the jump that I made in my viral video. First of all, I started from five bikes, then took it to seven and then to 11 bikes.”

Moreover, he said the injuries he got while practicing and making videos. Luckily he never encounters any serious injury.

Appreciation from eminent personalities

This talented boy even got the attention of legendary American Olympian Carl Lewis who is a former track and field athlete. Furthermore, Lewis won nine Olympic gold medals, one Olympic silver medal, and 10 World Championships medals, including eight gold.


Meanwhile, Asif is training under Pakistan’s Army intending to make the record of the highest jump in the world. More power to you Asif.

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