Pak Turkey relationship – An uprear towards trade


The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said that he will make every effort to increase trade relations with Turkey, Pakistan can learn a lot from the Turkish industry.

Addressing the Pak-Turkish Business Forum, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Turkey should invest in the tourism sector of Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan has excellent opportunities for mining and wants cooperation in every sector. He further added that

 “The current Government is trade-friendly.”

Earlier, Advisor on Trade Abdul Razzaq Daud said

“The two leaders agreed to promote bilateral strategic relations about tourism and mining trade.”

Addressing the Turkish Business Forum, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that

“He considers Pakistan his second home and thanked Pakistan’s hospitality. He added, Turkey also had economic difficulties but they overcome it with great courage.”

Turkish President has said that Turkish companies want to increase investment in Pakistan.

Pakistan will benefit from Turkey’s experiences, will cooperate with Pakistan in the field of filmmaking, and cooperate with Pakistan in the defense sector.

Moreover, People in the world now look towards Turkey for healthcare. It has been observed that the people of Pakistan prefer the West for treatment.  The trend of the West for treatment should change. Turkey has built modern hospitals and Pakistanis can come to Turkey for healthcare.

Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser has said that our attachment to Turkey is historic, new avenues for economic and economic cooperation will open. He added

“Tayyab  Erdoğan is a true friend of Pakistan.”

Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser addressed a joint session of parliament and said that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the leader of Muslim Ummah. The way he supports Pakistan on the matter of Kashmir is exemplary.

Speaking afterward, the Turkish President said that Turkish-Pakistan relations are enviable for everyone; Pakistan and Turkey share a common religion, culture, and values. He said that the base of our friendship is love, not any sort of interest.












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