Oxford University Likely To Release The World's First Coronavirus Vaccine By September

Oxford University Likely To Release The World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine By September


Coronavirus pandemic has become a nightmare come true and many history analysts around the world are of the view that this piece of time in the modern timeline will be remembered as the most bizarre and flabbergasting one, because human beings despite being more technologically advanced than ever before are struggling to get a hold of the global outcry. As soon as the pandemic showed signs of momentum, attempts to synthesize a medicine or vaccine were initiated around the world. However, the odds of releasing a new vaccine on a commercial scale soon enough were looking very low – until now.

Just recently, Oxford University has told the world that it is extremely likely that a vaccine against the coronavirus causing COVID-19 will be available for commercial use by September of this very year. Much earlier than the previously predicted 18-20 months. Oxford University had told the world about 2 weeks ago that they had been working on a potential vaccine.

Clinical Testing By Oxford University

Professor of Vaccinology, Sarah Gilbert is the head of the research team that is making efforts to introduce a vaccine as soon as possible. She told a few weeks ago to the world that highly controlled human trials of the vaccine product created as a result of research will be carried out. And as it seems, Professor Sarah has lived upto her promise and it has been reported that clinical trials have been initiated to test the vaccine’s effect – but in a way that the human under trial is not in danger of some outrageous reaction.

Oxford University Likely To Release The World's First Coronavirus Vaccine By September

The human trials will help understand the weak points of the synthesized vaccine and its effects on human beings – who are actually suffering from the novel disease. It is being said by health experts that after being injected with a Coronavirus vaccine shot, it is very likely that the receiver develops mild symptoms of Covid-19. But it is a temporary state and not dangerous to the health of the receiver. Despite the potential hazards, a kind man from Sydney, Australia has kicked off the clinical trials process by being the first volunteer.

Oxford University Likely To Release The World's First Coronavirus Vaccine By September

Chances of Success

The world looks with hope towards Sarah Gilbert and her team, who states that the vaccine under consideration has been synthesized by keeping in mind the vaccines that have been in use for the last many years against viruses that are very similar to this Coronavirus family with respect to the genome data. She hopes that with every passing day, her team gathers more and more data to guide their research. Keeping the visible proceedings in mind, Professor Sarah has given a healthy percentage of 80% chance of success.

Oxford University Likely To Release The World's First Coronavirus Vaccine By September

Fast Commercial Distribution of The Vaccine

Even if the world has a vaccine that works, its appropriate and timely distribution can play a vital role in controlling the pandemic. For this very purpose, Oxford has teamed up with one of the most famous bio-pharmaceutical companies in the world, AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca now has the responsibility of mass producing millions of doses for the world in case the vaccine works. The company will run the production and distribution process as a non-profit endeavor, until the pandemic settles down.

Let us hope that scientists finally succeed in making a vaccine for this one hell of a deadly pandemic. Share your thoughts in the comments.


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