Overseas Pakistani returned to Pakistan on the call of Imran Khan is Unemployed now


Zahid Munir Chaudhry- an overseas Pakistani returned to Pakistan on the call of Imran Khan leaving his comfortable life. With three professional degrees and wide working experience, Zahid returned to Pakistan with dreams of helping the country, while living a good life for himself and his wife.

Zahid Munir Chaudhry has an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from the Central College of London. Along with that, he did his B.A Honors from the University of Sunderland. Besides this, he did his MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Finance.

Zahid’s real-life story after returning to Pakistan

Zahid was one of the few overseas Pakistani who takes PM Imran Khan’s claims so seriously and decides to return to the homeland to serve the nation.

However, spending two years here Zahid has come to know that reality is way more different than claims. Soon he started to realize that he is not the unemployed one here but one million people are also on the job hunt with him.

When Zahid ran out of money and with no job, he decides to ride a Uber bike just to meet the ends. Currently, he is living in a rented house with an earning of 25K per month.

The Interview

In an interview with local news, Zahid told all about his journey of life from London to Pakistan.

“I returned to Pakistan because Imran Khan was the Prime Minister. I listened to his speeches and believed that this person will do something for Pakistan. After I came back to Pakistan to vote I decided not to leave.”

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He further added that:

“I convinced my whole family to vote for Imran Khan.”

Zahid has been applying for jobs in Pakistan but he said “My eyesight weakens due to constant use of a laptop for job hunting. The salary I get offered sounds like a joke to me as I have 11 years of banking experience and foreign degrees.”

Now, the Government should realize their substantial claims and try to fulfill them before many people like Zahid lose their hope and confidence in the PTI government.


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