Over Three Thousand Corona Patients Were Reported In A Day In Pakistan

Over Three Thousand Corona Patients Were Reported In A Day In Pakistan


Reading Now: Over Three Thousand Corona Patients Were Reported In A Day In Pakistan

As the pandemic continues to strengthen because of the absence of an active lock-down, the future days in Pakistan seem frightening. In the recent days, a spark in the figures was seen, reflective of people’s negligence and non-serious attitude during Eid days. Death rate has increased considerably and the infected patients are increasing exponentially with every passing day. In the latest report sent to the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar, it has been revealed that not a single area in the city of Lahore is “corona free”. This comes as a sad news but not a surprising one, because over three thousand corona patients were reported in a day in Pakistan, on Monday.

Alarming Statistics For Pakistan

Pakistan has been boasting off its low infection rate and minimal death rate for a very long time. It is about time that inadequate actions on behalf of government and negligence of general public takes a gigantic toll on the national situation. Just on Monday, about 3,039 new patients and 92 deaths were recorded, summing up the total death toll greater than 1500 people. These numbers have resulted in 72,000+ confirmed active corona patients in the country at the moment. If this condition continues, Pakistan will soon be rocking the leaderboard, as it already rests at 23rd rank at the moment when it comes to expansive rate of increase in infection.

Over Three Thousand Corona Patients Were Reported In A Day In Pakistan

Pakistan has already surpassed China and Italy in the rate of new patients everyday, as these drastically hit countries have managed to slow the spread down with strategic planning and prevention, anywhere possible. Pakistanis, unlike most countries, seem to be carefree unaware of the actual horrific nature of this virus.

Government’s Questionable Strategies

Imran Khan’s government is under heavy fire for not making adequate policies for controlling this virus. Where Imran Khan’s humanitarian prospect for the poor is also fairly important, it cannot be denied that his country will not be able to bear the brunt of this novel pandemic and poor and rich will crumple alike.

In today’s meeting, Asad Umar said that the option of lock down is always available but it is a tough decision to make. Also in today’s National Coordination Committee meeting, it was decided that tourism spots will be opened soon. This decision has sparked anger in masses who are questioning PM’s seriousness in dealing with the ever-declining health condition of his country.

People are questioning if the poor people used to eat enough everyday even before this pandemic struck the country that Imran Khan is so worried about them. Social media users show empathy towards the poor people who cannot help their case of feeding themselves, but force on the fact that this issue cannot be used to deny the importance of a lock down in today’s dire circumstances.

We hope and pray that everybody stays safe. Please quit going out without a reason. Quit shopping. Quit fast food joints. Quit hanging out with friends. Stay at home. Wear personal protective equipment. Take care of elderly and children. This is for a noble cause. Rise like a nation.

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