Orange line minimum fare estimated to be Rs 285- Anything less means huge losses


Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) analyzed as a project bearing multi-billion subsidy every year. In a meeting of the cabinet with CM Usman Buzdar, the Punjab government has decided against bearing such a subsidy every year.

Moreover, this matter was referred back to the Punjab assembly for further consideration. According to the cabinet meeting, as OLMT is a ‘white elephant’ project and forbearing Rs. 10 billion per year will be injustice with the poor bodies of the province

Earlier, it had been announced that the fare for the OLMT will be Rs 40-50 and in the case of Metro and Speedo, it would be Rs 30. 

CM Buzdar tweeted about the fare of Orange Line Metro Train. In which he said that” Billions of rupees will have to be paid annually to repay the orange-line train loan, and even if you have a ticket of Rs 60, you will have to pay 10 billion annual subsidies for running the train only.



He further added “Do we run hospitals or schools with this money or subsidize it? The cabinet has sent a decision assembly so that the public representatives come to a decision”

Recently in a talk show, Shahbaz Gill, former spokesperson for CM Buzdar, Shahbaz Gill talks about the fare of Orange Line by saying that “The government will have to fix the ticket fare at Rs. 285 per head to run Orange Train without any loss.”

He added, even with this fare the government has to pay Rs 6.5 billion for the interest payment on the debt obtained for the project.



People on social media are busy throwing facts on Gill after his statement about OLMT fares.



Earlier, it had been announced by the provincial government, that the OLMT would start its commercial operations right after finishing the technical and mechanical work. Now it is expected to be open for the public by March 2020.


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