This NUST Graduate Found His Own Way Of Spending Lockdown Period

This NUST Graduate Found His Own Way Of Spending Lockdown Period


Currently Reading: This NUST Graduate Found His Own Way Of Spending Lockdown Period

Every now and then we come across a story that inspires us to the guts and makes us realize of how privileged we are. The coronavirus pandemic actively or passively forced many people to undertake outrageous and sometimes bizarre endeavors in order to make both ends meet, and sometimes just to spend time in a more fruitful manner. No story comes quite close to that of Usman Ashraf, a student from the developing city of Kasur, who recently graduated from NUST as an Electrical Engineer. With NUST being the most prestigious and top-ranking institution in Pakistan at the moment, it seems highly unlikely for any of its students to undertake any job other than the very best. But Usman Ashraf is here to break all stereotypes in a good way as this NUST graduate found his own way of spending lockdown period.

Why Usman Ashraf Chose To Sell Mangoes?

Usman Ashraf is a lot more than what just meets the eye. This aspiring young lad graduated during the toughest times in the history of this country, when coronavirus cases were soaring and spiking across all charts. With such a medical emergency in the country and all industries halting to silence, Usman could not invest his efforts appropriately in order to get a job in his relevant field. However, this array of circumstances was not enough to disappoint Usman or his vigor, and he decided to work no matter what.

There is nothing more permissible and honorable than earning on your own. Other than that, Usman saw potential in this work as it would help him teach public dealing, handling finances, understanding profit loss margins and entrepreneurship. Also, Usman wanted to develop a third person perspective by being at the place of fruit vendors for some time, as it would help him in understanding their hardships and struggle.

This NUST Graduate Found His Own Way Of Spending Lockdown Period

What Is Usman Doing Now?

Usman is has now started his quest to find a job in his relevant field. After all, he is a bright mind who managed to avail scholarship from one of the finest institutions in Pakistan and studied from one of its top merit departments SEECS (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences). Usman says that he had to face a lot of rude remarks by his relatives when he decided to sell mangoes because they did not see the job “fit for him”. However, he is of the view that if you can make a halaal earning all on your own, public opinion should not matter.

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