No F-16 was shot down by Mig-21, PAF gives proof

No F-16 was shot by Abhinandan, PAK gives proof


Breaking News Pakistan: PAF today, provided concrete proof that no F-16 was shot by Abhinandan’s Mig 21 in Mujahid e Aflaak 2019 show. The Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha showed images of the Mig-21 Jet, its 3 shot missiles and 1 unreleased missile left in the wreckage.  He stated that the three missiles shot were found near the wrecked plane while one wasn’t shot. The 4 of the Mig-21’s missiles are now available for open-investigation by any international body.

On Feb 27, 2019, Indian Airforce tried to illegally enter the Pakistani airspace with ulterior motives which ended up in a strong response by PAF. This resulted in one Mig-21 of India being shot down by Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui. As Abhinandan Varthaman’s plane crashed in Azad Kashmir, locals of the area took hold of him and started beating him for trying to infiltrate their land. Wing Commander Abhinandan was then rescued by Pak Army, given first aid and released to India the next as a peace gesture. The move by Pakistan was applauded worldwide as it delivered the message of peace and prosperity but India took it otherwise.

Soon after the release of Abhinandan, India started claiming that their pilot shot down an F-16 before getting crashed. The Indian media began to create hype about the false victory soon after. Although International Media reports denied any F-16 missing, India awarded Abhinandan ‘Vir Chakra’ an Indian military award for his ‘heroic success’.

Today, however, in the presence of Russian officers, many international and national journalist, Pakistan Air Force gave solid proof of no F-16 being shot by India. More to it, PAF Air Marshal Invited any private investigator to come examine the proof.

In an answer to the question, “Which plane did the Pakistan Air Force use to shoot down Indian planes on Feb 27, 2019:, Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha answered:

“If I slap a person with my right hand or left hand, what difference does it make?”

Pakistani’s are now applauding the transparency and bravery of PAF and asking Indians to defend their false lies against the solid proof.

Also, in arguments to the delay, people claimed that the news of all the unfired missiles was released months ago by DG ISPR. It was just re-established in today’s convention.

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