Nimra Ali is back on the screen with another viral interview [Video]

Nimra Ali is back on the screen with another viral interview [Video]


What strikes your mind when you hear the name, Nimra Ali?
Exactly, the jolly and bubbly Lahori girl who recently went viral for her innocence and unstoppable chit chats.

Here is a little surprise for you. Nimra Ali is back on TV with another interview. In the interview, you can see her chatting, laughing, and most surprisingly singing. I admit the girl got some amazing vocals.

Last week, a video of a reporter of a local news channel interviewing Nimra become viral. Not just the video went viral but she was literally trending on Twitter with the hashtag #Nimra. Now after her more appearances on screen. People again fall in love with the girl full of life and she grabs another position in the Twitter Trends.

Nimra Ali is back on the screen with another viral interview [Video]

The unstoppable Nimra made her appearance on a morning show for a local news channel. There she shows all the true colors of a marvelous Nimra. She didn’t bother to feel shy and pretend someone else in front of the camera. Nimra again made the day of all of us.

Must watch her interview. You will be surprised to see a chatterbox like her. Nimra speaks to her mind and has no filters. Her energy and colorful personality lighten up the day.
Upon asking about singing, she confidently sings the OST of Hania Amir’s drama Anaa. She was even favoring Hania by singing her song.

Nimra’s interview with Yasir Shami

Besides the Morning show, Nimra was interviewed by Yasir Shami from Daily Pakistan.

Upon asking about her hyperactive nature Nimra replied “I do not just go crazy and talk this much when I see the camera. I am always like this. Even in my house, around my family, I am this hyped up and talkative. So whoever thinks I lose my mind after seeing the camera, no that is not the case.”

We all have to admit that deep down we all wish to be just like Nimra. It is quite fascinating to see such a jovial person even in 2020 precisely.

Twitter is hailing Nimra again

Netizens can’t get over Nimra’s innocence.

Nimra is loved by all

She is a motivation for many

This girl is unbeatable

Lovely girl with pleasant vocals

Many people declared Nimra as the best thing they came across in 2020. Due to pandemic 2020 was full of fear and crisis. But Nimra Ali reminds us to be happy in all the situations and circumstances.

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