Who is Nimra Ali - The new internet sensation

Who is Nimra Ali – The new internet sensation [Full Interview with City 42]


The girl named Nimra Ali became the internet sensation after her interview’s video went viral.

We all agree that 2020 has been a rough year for all of us. The pandemic, the lotus attacks, and the fires all over the world turn everything so negative and dark.

Who is Nimra Ali - The new internet sensation

But in these dark times, there is a wonderful glimmer of hope on the Internet. The Lahori girl Nimra became a little spark of Joy in our lives.

Who is Nimra Ali - The new internet sensation

Throughout depressing news and the rising tide of hatred. The netizens are now kinda happy to see the adorable video of a young lady.

If real Happiness had a face, it would be Nimra Ali

The innocent and excited Nimra eagerly reveals to the interviewer in the video how extremely happy she is to be appearing on TV. She starts off the interview explaining how she recently saw a show on YouTube where people were interviewing students and asking them how they were feeling. Then, she calmly elaborates that as she was coming to the park with her cousin today, she couldnโ€™t help but wish that she also meets reporters and appears on-screen the same way.

She lives in her own happy bubble

She shows her excitement with a big bright smile saying


Moreover, she reveals the reporter that how much she is excited over her wish comes true.
Nimra goes like “Her last attempt at fame was like when half her face appeared on a woman’s YouTube channel.”

Afterward, she narrates a hilarious joke about Choozay. She laughs her heart out at her joke.
Amid all this chaos and negativity, which has recently sunk our world, Nimra’s enthusiasm has succeeded in melting all the stony hearts of the Internet.

Even celebrities can’t stop hailing her innocense

In the interview, Nimra openly claimed that “Main wesay he parhai main bohat nalaik pandi hun. Mujh see koi or question puch len”.

Undoubtedly her such blunt truth catches the eye of Yumna Zaidi, Mahjabeen from ‘Is pyar ke sadqay’. She posted Nimra’s picture and caption it “And a moment of silences for those who said Girls like Mahjabeen doesn’t exist.”

Who is Nimra Ali - The new internet sensation

Our legendary singer and one of the most humble personalities, Shehzad Roy adores her too.

Marvi Sirmed shows her love too.

#Nimra is trending on Twitter

This video isn’t just able to grabs our attention and make us say “Awwweee”. In fact, not only has this adorable clip of her been generating an insane amount of views, but sheโ€™s been trending on Twitter.

People declares Nimra as the savior of 2020

Netizens really adore her innocence

Yes, many of us wanna be like her

Nimra Ali- a ray of sunshine

People demanding for more Nimra content

We all wanted a friend like Nimra in our life

Comparison with reel life characters is awesome

We all pray for Nimra to STAY SAME GIRL

People appraised the host for bringing such joy in our lives

Nimra Ali’s positive energy showed us how to celebrate little things in life. What are you excited about?

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