News Delivery Boy To CSS Officer News Was Fake


Recently on Social media, the news of a newspaper delivery boy named Ghazanfar Ilyas clearing CSS exam was getting a lot of attention. People were sharing the news and images of it were being floated on Whatsapp chats.

The news said that Ghazanfar Ilyas, a boy from Bannu in KPK who was a newspaper delivery boy in Lahore and that he has cleared his CSS examination contrary to all expectations.  At some places the news also said that he got scholarship for PhD in an American  university but he refused to join it  and also that he use to live in Data Darbaar for shelter and food. This all turned out to be fake.

Following social media, Some newspapers also published this false news:


Ghazanfar Ilyas

The Truth:
Ghazanfar took his social media to clear out that he neither worked as a newspaper delivery man nor stayed at Data darbar Lahore during his CSS preparation. Someone tried to defame him on social media. The news regarding passing CSS exam was however true but he never sold newspapers. He also said that Legal action will be launched against those who spread this fake news.

“This is to clear that I’ve neither worked as a newspaper delivery man nor stayed at Datadarbar Lahore during my CSS preparation. Someone has made a deliberate counterfeit to defame me on social media. I am going to launch a legal action against those who propagated this false news.”

css topper

Some of his friends also defended him, and started to warn people about this fake news:
Ghazanfar ilyas is a friend of mine and he is really disturbed by this fake news roaming around. He is a M.phil scholar and belongs to a very respectable family from bannu. Yes, he worked really hard to do CSS but haven’t done anything like selling newspaper or living in data darbar. He is not at all happy with the fame he is getting from this fake news. 

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