New Zealand reports third new coronavirus case came from Lahore- Pakistan

New Zealand reports third new coronavirus case came from Lahore- Pakistan


New Zealand recorded its third Coronavirus case after being free of corona for 24 days. The above 60 years old man who traveled to New Zealand from Lahore tested positive.

The man flew from Lahore, Pakistan to Auckland, NZ via Doha and Melbourne on June 11. 

Reportedly, the man wore masks throughout the flight. First of all, he shifted to a hotel room for isolation. After tested positive, authorities moved him in quarantine. Currently, he is in quarantine and under treatment.

Before this Lahori man, two sisters who returned to NZ after traveling from the UK tested positive. Both women were permitted to leave isolation centers before time on compassionate grounds tested positive These two women were the first two cases at NZ after they declared it a Corona-free country.

Earlier on Tuesday, a quarantine facility in New Zealand was breached as people reportedly left isolation centers before the scheduled date and later disappeared. The disturbing result has once again raised fears of a second wave of COVID-19 in New Zealand.

The response of New Zealand’s government

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Wednesday called on the military to monitor facilities and manage border defenses.

While talking to media in a conference, Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield apologized and shows her true concerns about these emerging cases of COVID. 

“I apologize that we ended up in this position, “she said. Further “I know the case of these two women will have upset people. Certainly, I am upset by it”

Ashley further announced that the government has now decided to crack down so that there will be no more cases.

“The government has rejected all quarantine exemptions and said no one should leave the isolated hotels where people are kept until they are properly examined.”

A minor rage by Pakistani Twitter users

However, this case from Lahore brings a rage on Twitter from Pakistanis. They apologized and some of them requested to ban their countries for Pakistanis.

Meanwhile, a news reporter, Kirsten Hall, shares the reactions of several Pakistanis on her first tweet.

‘BREAKING: 1 new case of COVID in NZ. He’s a man in his 60s staying at Jet Park hotel which is a quarantine facility. His flight came from Lahore, Pakistan. He stayed at an isolation hotel before being moved to quarantine.’

This case not only raises the question on the efficiency of New Zealand’s authorities but also to Pakistan’s, who keeps claiming about their strict checking at airports. 


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