Govt to Set New Vehicle Standards for Manufacturers: Fawad Chaudhry


Now Reading; Govt to Set New Vehicle Standards for Manufacturers: Fawad Chaudhry

Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, has revealed that all is set to introduce new vehicle standards for manufacturers. This revelation was made in response a to twitter user questioning the Federal minister about the issues in the quality standards of the automotive sector. In the tweet, he stated that the new initial standards will be presented before cabinet for approval within a month.

Before, the Ministry of Science and Technology had tweeted about the meeting between Kuninori Matsuda – the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan – and Chaudhry Fawad Hussain and about the discussions conducted about a joint venture to upgrade technical education and institutes of Pakistan and to provide work opportunities for the youth. The tweet stated that Mr. Matsuda appreciates the Federal Minister’s efforts for the cause.

Concerns Regarding the Country’s Automotive Sector

In reply to this, a twitter user asked Fawad Hussain about the automotive sector of the country. He made the point that whilst many measures have been taken in the tech side of things, the ‘car mafia’ of Pakistan is still hell bent on making tin cans in prices as high as 10-15 lac. The user further questioned the Minister why China’s help can’t be acquired in this side of things too, considering they are making Fighter Jets for us in reasonable rates.

In response to this, the Federal Minister informed about the new standards soon to be presented to the cabinet. He stated;

“The standards for vehicles made in Pakistan have been set. The initial standards will be submitted to the cabinet for approval within a month. I think it was a very difficult task. 🙂 There were many obstacles placed in my way, but what I set out to do, I do.”

Prior Measures Taken by the Government in the Sector

Despite the mafia that has terrorized the automotive sector of Pakistan for so long, it looks like the government is looking to keep up with International standards via various measures that would help the country take a step in the right direction. Evidence of such was the most recent development, where the government ordered all the automakers and Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) of Pakistan to comply with the EURO-5 standard of fuel.

Not only this, but a couple months back. Pakistan’s first ever electric vehicle charging unit was installed at Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad. This was done with the collaborated efforts of Ministry of Climate Change and Ministry of Science and Technology. The government has also made a goal to set up 24 more EV charging Units across Pakistan in the future. “The opening of EV charging stations was another target of Ministry of Science and Technology to encourage E vehicles as future transportation,” said Fawad Chaudhry then.

It is clear from all this that the government is taking measures to match international standards as much as possible. Hopefully, this bears fruit and consequently, leads to the sector’s development.


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