New COVID Variant Discovered That Can Kill Without Positive Test Result


Now Reading: New COVID-19 Variant Discovered That Can Kill Without Positive Test Result

A recent study conducted by Qatar’s Sidra Medical and Research Center (SMRC) discovered a new mutation in the Coronavirus genome that causes false-negative test results. According to the report, some of the COVID-19 strains spreading in Qatar can mutate and go undetected during diagnostic tests, according to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

The new mutation was discovered by SMRC researchers when analysing the Coronavirus genetic sequence using a widely used gene goal technique for COVID-19 detection. They discovered the same mutation in a number of samples taken from COVID-19 patients around the country who were epidemiologically unrelated.

Qatar has become the first country to announce a Coronavirus variant that could result in false-negative test results as a result of this growth. Incorrect COVID-19 test results, according to Dr. Mohammad Rubayet Hasan, Clinical Molecular Microbiologist at SMRC and the study’s lead investigator, could mislead healthcare authorities and lead to an incorrect number of daily recorded cases.

He has advised policymakers and healthcare organizations around the world to keep an eye on Coronavirus mutations and ensure that research methods use multiple gene targets to prevent false-negative effects. If this new variant arrives to Pakistan, it could result in an extremely deadly situation as even though the test-positive rate in Pakistan has remained higher than in many other countries due to low daily testing rates, but the numbers have risen this month.

According to official statistics, the current outbreak is centered in Punjab province, where the test-positive rate was 17 percent in the provincial capital Lahore and 15 percent in Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. The capital, Islamabad, which has a population of about two million people, has also seen a high number of infections, with a test-positive rate of 16 percent on Sunday.

According to government statistics, the Swat valley has seen a 23 percent increase in cases, while the provincial capital Peshawar has seen a 22 percent increase and Nowshera has seen a 19 percent increase. Hopefully, this rise in cases soon dies down so life can return to normal.


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