Netizens Express Anger Over the Miserable Condition of Bear at Karachi Zoo

Netizens Express Anger Over the Miserable Condition of Bear at Karachi Zoo


Recently a video of a bear from Karachi zoo went viral. The miserable condition of the bear can be seen in the video. The poor soul is panting due to thirst and hot weather though management provides no such facilities to the captivated animals.

A few months back, the people all over the world celebrate the relocation of elephant Kaavan from Islamabad Zoo to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia.

Apparently, Kavaan didn’t get all the proper facilities in the zoo. He has been mistreated by the zookeepers and they put Kavaan in the isolation. Earlier Islamabad High Court(IHC) orders to shift all Islamab’s zoo animals to the sanctuaries.

Now its time to put some light on the issues of Karachi zoo animals. Videos and pictures of a bear at the Karachi zoo is all over the social media. It seems that the zoo has been keeping it in a poor condition, and people can’t help but feel anger towards the management.

The poor bear

Here are the picture and the video of the bear. However, anyone can observe his frail and miserable condition.

Netizens Express Anger Over the Miserable Condition of Bear at Karachi Zoo

Reaction of Netizens

After the videos and pictures start making rounds on social media, there is a wave of anger and pity among the netizens.

Some of them ask for help

Some questioned about poor management

Words of the Khatam an-Nabiyyin Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.W.)

Many suggest banning the zoos

Condition of other animals in the zoo

Bitter Truth

Pakistani social media users are calling out authorities over the negligence of Karachi Zoo after a deeply concerning photo of a bear in Karachi Zoo went viral online.

Shortly afterward, celebrities joined in to call out authorities over the lack of attention and care given to the animals in the zoo, as its condition is deteriorating with each passing day.

Ushna shah raised her voice over the negligence of the zoo authorities.

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Salam, Pehlee doh videos hein Karachi Zoo mein eik reech kee jo garmee mein tarap raha hei. Teesri image hei eik reech kee jo apnay kudratee mohawl mein hei. JaanwaroN ki numaish unkey saath na-insaafi hei aur unn pey shadeed Zulm hei. Agar janwar dekhne ka shoq hei toh unn key mohowl mein jaa key dekhna chahiye. Jab aap Zoo jaatey hein toh aap inki takleef ka hissa bantey hein. Eisee jagoN ko band karwa deina chahiye. Zoo eik Eisee jail hei jahaN sab Qaidee bey-gunah hein. Please Karachi Zoo, aur apney har sheher ley zoo key khilaaf apni local government ko likhiye aur in bey-rehem idaaroN ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye. Zoo aur marine-animal shows ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye aur apney dostoN aur rishtaydaroN ko bhee samjhayein key janwaroN ki numaish karna aur dekhna shadeed bey-rehmi hei. Jangli janwaroN ko unkey mohol mein sey nikaal key chottay enclosures yah phir pinjroN mein rakhna SHADEED ZULM hei. Allah ney jinko jungle aur pahar diye, Jinko darya aur samundar diye aur Jinko urney Key liye khula Asmaan diya.. unko qaid kar key rakhna Eik nihayat bhayanak harkat hei jo sirf insaan karta hei. Iss haqeeqat pey ghaur keejiye, apney dil mein rehem aur narmee peida kee jiye aur qudrat key khilaaf iss harkat ko khatam keejiye. Insan insaniyat bhool chukey hein, bey-zubaan key liye awaaz uthayiye. Inki bhee aah lagtee hei. @karachi_zoo_incompetence #karachizoo #karachi #cityofkarachi @wwfpak @wwf #animalabuseinpakistan #brownbearkarachi #brownbear #bearabuse #ushnashah #ushna

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Armina Khan joined her too.

Actress Mashal Khan took to her Instagram to share that there’s a petition being filed to save the bear.

Anam Tanveer raised her voice too.

Zoos are the protected areas in a city. Although, these protected areas aim to protect our local endangered species. The main objective of a zoo is the captive breeding of all the endangered local species. Alas! nor the government neither the management is paying enough attention to the deteriorating condition of zoo animals.

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