Nawaz Sharif Was Spotted At A Cafe In London With His Granddaughters

Nawaz Sharif Was Spotted At A Cafe In London With His Granddaughters


Reading Now: Nawaz Sharif Was Spotted At A Cafe In London With His Granddaughters

Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was allowed to leave Pakistan for London as he was diagnosed sick and unfit enough to stay in Adyala Jail any longer. Nawaz Sharif’s exit from Pakistan was highly controversial and made headlines. Yet, the Sharif family managed to convince the judiciary. Shehbaz Sharif signed an undertaking confirming that he will make sure that Nawaz Sharif comes back to Pakistan within 4 weeks. However, this never happened. And Nawaz Sharif is still residing in London with his family which includes his sons and grandchildren.

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Very recently, an extremely unlikely image circulated the entire internet in which the entire PML-N team along with Nawaz Sharif himself were seen in a restaurant having lunch. Nawaz Sharif was criticized at that time because he was reportedly ill but pictures told an entirely different story. And now a few days back, Nawaz Sharif was spotted at a cafe in London with his granddaughters.

Leaked Picture Of Former Prime Minister

In the picture, Nawaz Sharif seems completely hale and hearty enjoying a cup of coffee with his granddaughters. The funny thing is that almost everybody except himself is carrying out precaution from the Coronavirus, wearing N-95 masks. It is a well-known fact that the people who already suffer from heart diseases and the ones who have underlying co-morbid, are a greater risk of suffering more from COVID-19. Regardless, Nawaz Sharif is rocking a Safari cap and blue shalwar kameez.

Nawaz Sharif Was Spotted At A Cafe In London With His Granddaughters

It seems that Nawaz Sharif has covered a lot, that too of course if he was actually sick. Because lately, he has been mobile and has been seen at many places in London.

Maryam Nawaz Is Furious

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, has expressed her anger on social media by calling the act of capturing his photo an ignoble act. She is of the view that capturing one’s private moments hidden to one’s eyes is not ethical, especially if one is with family. She dared the person who took this photo to go out and publicly capture Nawaz Sharif’s photo in front of him.

.She also referred to the incidents when some malicious people did not respect her family’s privacy and invaded the hospital rooms trying to get photos of her dying mother. She says that the people who want publicity from such actions will never get fame for their actions, rather disgrace and dishonor.

His supporters and fans are however happy. They are glad to see their leader in good health and shape.

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