Nawaz Sharif reaches London via Air Ambulance


The former PM reached London in an Air ambulance along with his brother Shahbaz Sharif & Doctor Adnan Khan. This special air ambulance arrived from Qatar which is equipped with ICU, OT, and other medical facilities. Firstly the Air ambulance had reached Doha where it stayed for a few hours for fueling. After that it reached London.

Before his departure, Nawaz’s got a detailed medical checkup and his family members and bulk of party members were at the airport to see him off. They chanted slogans and prayed for his fast recovery.


Nawaz Sharif reached London after LHC allowed him to travel for medical treatment. Before going his departure, he was seeking medical treatment at Lahore’s Services Hospital and then Sharif Medical City but due to major health declines, Govt allowed him to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Nawaz Sharif was in imprisonment in case of Al-Azizia corruption reference but he gets temporary bail on Nov 16, which is approved by LHC and NAB decides not to oppose it. Minister of Law Farogh Naseem at a press conference said that “Nawaz Sharif can go abroad by submitting Rs7 billion indemnity bonds”. Luckily LHC allowed him to travel without submitting indemnity bonds based on humanitarian grounds.

Nawaz sharif stayed at Avenfield’s apartment. These are the same apartments due to which he got sentenced for imprisonment.

On the arrival of Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz said while talking to the media that ” According to doctors his father should be treated in America but the final decision will be made after his checkup. Now all our concentration is on my father’s treatment. kindly don’t treat it as a political issue”

Both Hussain Nawaz and Suleman Shahbaz Appreciate Shahbaz Sharif’s efforts to bring Nawaz Sharif to London and to always stand by him through his thick and thin.


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