Nauman Ijaz openly claiming about cheating on his wife hit back real bad [Video]

Nauman Ijaz openly claiming about cheating on his wife hits back real bad [Video]


Nauman Ijaz is one of the veteran actors of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He is famous for his ‘No filters to mouth’ statements. Also, he often mishandled his fame and pass absurd comments on many actors and different issues.

Recently, Nauman Ijaz makes a shameless confession on a show about cheating on his wife.

The former Pakistani model Iffat Omar invited actor Nauman Ijaz as her first guest on her show on YouTube, “Say It All with Iffat Omar”.

While talking about the “Ishq mizaji” of artists, Iffat Omar asked about his secret of a successful married life is. To which the veteran actor responded that we are keeping it by fulfilling the limitations. 

“If I talk about my wife, Rabia. I’m very lucky to have her. she is an adorable person.”

Upon asking about his affairs, Nauman Ijaz started boasting like a typical shabby man. He replied with a quite unexpected answer which left all of us in shock.

“I always get in love with pretty girls. Whenever I get a chance I flirt with them. I have dated many girls but my wife never knew about it.”

He goes like

When Iffat asked him that did his wife knows about it? Nauman continues his offensive talk by saying:

“I am such a great actor and an intelligent man. My wife never finds out about my extramarital affairs.”

With an ear to ear smiles, he admits that he has been involved in many extramarital affairs with no clue-catch by his wife. 

Moreover, he confessed this with quiet confidence by saying

“And the best part is the girls who I have affairs with, even their husbands don’t know about it. We reciprocate our love and feelings for each other.”

Host’s Reaction over this bold statement

Iffat expressed amazement over his statement. She simply laughed and ends up this controversial scenario saying that she also needs to learn something from him.

Besides this, Iffat asked for his views on other contemporary issues. As domestic violence and sexual harassment that continue to pestilence Pakistan’s societal norms.

#MeToo Movement and Nauman’s Views

However, Nauman passes a quite bizarre statement about the #MeToo movement and goes like

“People can go around, say anything. These things are used as a weapon in this society. #Metoo movement and all this is happening because we are moving away from our religion.”

Netizens are mad, as they were not expecting such a filthy response from a sophisticated actor. 

Furthermore, some of them backlash Iffat for her reply to Nauman.

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