“Truly Honored To Sing For PSL”- Naseebo Lal

Naseebo Lal humbly reacts to the criticism over ‘Groove Mera’ [Video]


Recently PCB launches the Pakistan Super League (PSL) – 6 anthem. Since the song has been released it’s making rounds on social media.

The song, “Groove Mera”, features Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners, and refers to the “swing and feel of the movements of cricketers”, according to the PCB.

However, people show mixed reactions towards the song. Many of them think Naseebo Lal’s voice works as a “Tarka” in the song. While others criticize her and called her a “misfit” for the song. Especially because of her different genre and Punjabi accent.

Naseebo Lal’s reaction

Certainly, handling bad and negative reviews is not easy for any celebrity to handle. But this is not the case with Naseebo. Not only did she respond to them humbly but also sang the song for her fans with great enthusiasm.

Here is the video

In an interview with Geo News, Naseebo also thanked the producer of the song, Zulfiqar Khan, better known as Xulfi, for bringing something “different and unique to the table.”

She also expressed her gratitude to all those who have appreciated her performance, saying that she feels “truly honored” to be able to sing for the PSL.

“This was a unique opportunity for my singing career and I thank God for it. When I was first approached, I had no idea about it and thought it would be just another song. However, when it turned out that it was an ‘item’ song for the PSL, I was surprised.” she exclaimed.

“[Even though it was catchy and a different genre] Xulfi composed the song according to my [singing style],” Lal said.

Xulfi also praised Naseebo Lal’s “celebratory voice” and said that irrespective of all the criticism, the singer did an amazing job. He said that the song will have a “different rhythm to it once it is played in the stadium.”

Speaking about the decision to choose Naseebo Lal for the anthem, Xulfi said that “change takes time to be accepted,” adding that “when there are good intentions, they prevail.”

“[For the music industry] this is the right time to evolve and surrender. We only progress when we do new things.”

Criticism over “Groove Mera”

Earlier, the official anthem ‘Groove Mera‘ for PSL 2021 had triggered a meme fest among the netizens and #psl6anthem and #GrooveMera had the top trend on Twitter.

Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, and Ali Azmat sang the PSL 5 anthem. The fans heavily criticize them all and, Ali Zafar came up with a new anthem “Mela Loot Liya.” On the demand of his fans which went viral all over the world.

On the other hand, ‘Groove Mera’ is now trending worldwide. The anthem has received 4.3 million views on YouTube, whereas, PSL fans in other countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait also loved the anthem.

Let’s enjoy Groove Mera together.

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