‘Namaste over Adaab to prevent Coronavirus’ says BJP Leader Ramesh Bidhuri


When you think you are finally over with nonsense of Indian politicians, they will come up with more idiotic logic and leave you stunned.

Precautions: After reading this article you might have trauma so be careful.

BJP parliamentarian Ramesh Bidhuri told media that saying ‘Adaab (South Asian Muslim’s greeting) allows coronavirus to contaminate the air and virus may travel into your mouth but saying ‘Namaste’ (Indian’s greeting) is safe because it prevents the contamination of virus.

 Not just this, He gave us the reference of Experts who are suggesting Namaste over other greetings.


“Experts have suggested it should be used as a greeting to prevent contact in order to avoid the coronavirus, but not Adaab because it directs the rays of the air into the mouth.”

This all starts when some of the World leaders and Politicians around the world greet each other with Namaste in order to prevent direct skin to skin touch and also to maintain courtesy.


Indian media right after this started boosting the Namaste as the ultimate solution to stop the spread of Coronavirus.



The story isn’t over yet, we have some more superhuman in BJP, who come up with their solutions of How to cure and prevent Coronavirus.

Earlier Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, Chinese Consul General in Mumbai Tang Guocai and Buddhist monks were chanting ‘go corona, go corona’ at prayer to eradicate the disease. Yes, The question arises here is Did coronavirus understands the chanted slogans? 


Here we have another BJP MLA Suman Haripriya in Assam who said cow dung is a COVID-19 cure. Moreover, spraying Cow urine helps in purifies the area and kill the virus. When scientists across the world are struggling to contain the spread of coronavirus she claimed that cow dung mixed with herbs can kill the virus.


Meanwhile, Indians have been busy gloating and primping over namaste, a sensible Twitter user shed light on all the other forms of non-contact based greetings from across the world which also includes Adaab.


Although Namaste has a strong history. Namaste (a posture that involves holding both palms together close to the heart) is part of Yoga, which is practiced to ensure the wellness of the upper body. 

Apart from Namaste, we have lots of other methods to greet someone without skin to skin contact which includes Salute, Bao Quan Li, Vulcan, Bowing, and last but not the least Adaab. 

BJP used to target Muslims and their way of life often but now trolling or targeting Muslims with such a serious global issue shows the immaturity of the BJP government.

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