Naked, Tortured Man Found Trapped In Car at Dolmen Mall Karachi


Now Reading : Naked, Tortured Man Found Trapped In Car at Dolmen Mall Karachi

Peope are shocked and saddened as in tragic circumstances, a naked man was found in the trunk of a car at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. He was discovered and rescued from the trunk of a parked Suzuki Mehran after people heard cries for help.

It is reported that despite people wanting to help the tortured man trapped in the trunk, Dolmen Mall security prevented them from doing so. Mall security restricted the limited area surrounding the car and waited for police to arrive.

A guard said:  “They saw a naked man, not mentally stable or tortured inside an AWM560 Mehran. He smelled as if he was there for 3-4 days in the car.”

A person on social media reported : “I visited the Dolmen Mall Clifton yesterday. Besides my car parking I heard a man was yelling for help. Security reached on spot and lifted the trunk of Suzuki Mehran. They saw naked man, not mentally stable or tortured inside AWM560 Mehran. It was shocking to see such an act of someone. When I went for help, the security did not allow me as this was a police case. He smelled as if he has been there for 3-4 days in car. Allah knows what was the reason that he was tortured. Hope security’s complain reached to the concerned police station.”

Based on reports, the man might have been mentally unstable or tortured. However, the question is who placed him in the trunk and left him there.

There is still no update on who owns the vehicle, the identity of the man, his mental and physical health, all of these are still unknown.

Dolmen Mall falls within the vicinity of the Boat Basin police station. No statement has yet been released by The Boat Basin Police.

There have been many tragic incidents in recent days and police is yet to find the criminals. Lets hope that the police soon finds the person behind this heinous act.

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