“Mystery Man” From Islamabad Provides Free Pick And Drop To The Poor & Needy


Now Reading: “Mystery Man” From Islamabad Provides Free Pick And Drop To The Poor & Needy

In today’s society where acts of malevolence ranging from exploitation of animals to committing all sorts of inhumane acts on fellow human beings have become a common thing, there are certain things which are like a glimmer of hope for the future. Such is the case with this story where a “Mystery Man” whose name is known to no one has selflessly took it upon himself to provide free of cost transport services to his fellows who are in need of them.

An Angel In Men’s Clothing

Hailing from Islamabad, this man – in an act of voluntary charity (Sadaqah) – commits himself to providing pick and drop services to the poor and needy free of any payback and just out of the goodwill of his heart. He does this service every day from 10 am to 7 pm and does not demand any recognition for it!

This story was first shared by the first spokesperson on CPEC – M. Asim Khan – on twitter;

Appreciating the mystery man’s efforts and sharing how he didn’t even tell him his name and demanded no recognition for his services, he wrote;

“This gentleman, who did not even tell me his name, provides free “pick and drop” facility to the needy and poor in Islamabad every day from 10 pm to 7 am as a charity. They allowed me to take pictures only so that people would get their number.”

His Kindness And Generosity Moved Everyone!

The mystery man’s kindness and generosity moved everyone and he received massive appreciation from everyone in the replies under the original twitter post. Applauding folks like this man, journalist Waseem Abbasi wrote;

“It is thanks to such men of God that we are all still saved. Greetings to those who do such good deeds secretly.”


Similarly, another user wrote; “THIS is Humanity, THIS is a Muslim, THIS is Pakistan.”


In the same way, this kindness, compassion and generosity of the mystery man seemed to have an effect on everyone. People like this man from Islamabad are truly a blessing from God on our corrupted society. Hopefully, their example also serves to motivate and move all to do such deeds themselves too!

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