My Secret Terrius episode 10 shows coronavirus as a biochemical weapon

My Secret Terrius episode 10 shows coronavirus as a biochemical weapon


Shocking as it sounds, a South Korean Series “My Secret Terrius” shows how coronavirus can be manipulated to directly attack the lungs and used as a biochemical weapon. Coronavirus or many are calling it the Chinesevirus19. Many have reason to believe that the coronavirus outbreak was engineered by China to buy major shares in European and American firms and also to take control of the world with a weakened economy worldwide. To add to the conspiracy theory, we have found that this series ‘My Secret Terrius’ shows the coronavirus tests where doctor claims the virus is man-made and affects the lungs with no cure as of now.

As the clip went viral on social media, the Twitterati’s started trending #chinesevirus19 with the shocking clips of the show 2 years ago.

Earlier this week, a message started circulating on social media stating how China has a lot to gain from coronavirus as the first one to fully get cured of it. It also claims that as the world economy is crippling, the trade from China is increasing trifold.

The term Chinesevirus was first used by Trump in his tweet and then later in his press conference where he came under the wrath of reporters and critics. But as these scary events unroll many are siding with President Trump while others call it the other way round.

Some incidents that have convinced people to suspect China are as follows:

  • The country didn’t face any shortage of ventilators, isolation wards and quarantine units given it was a relatively new virus and the country wasn’t prepared for it.
  • The number of reported cases, deaths and the period of controlling the virus is now less than the US and European Countries.
  • A wrong WHO study that claimed coronavirus isn’t transmitted human-to-human. This study let many Chinese travellers get a safe pass abroad. Image

As the world faces many conspiracies, maybe this one will pass too. But while the Chinesevirus conspiracy lasts, what is your view on it? Please let us know in the comments below.


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