Multiple KIPS Teachers Called Out For Harassing Female Students


Now Reading: Multiple KIPS Teachers Called Out For Harassing Female Students

After the social media campaign that was run against the teachers of Lahore Grammar School for harassing female students a couple days ago bore fruit and the facts against every offender managed to get all of them i.e. the five teachers along with famous actor Omair Rana fired, now other victims have courageously come forward with their own stories of harassment. This time, the allegations are against multiple teachers from KIPS.

Multiple Cases Of Harassment

A student of the institution shared her story on facebook and how there were various cases where she and many others were harassed by the ‘valuable asset’ of the college – their chemistry teacher – who used to take any chance he could to harass the female students. The name of the teacher is Amjad Naseem from campus 30-A of KIPS. Talking about the harasser, the student shared how the teacher didn’t let up until they graduated from the college. “This person never stopped until i blocked him and left the campus”, she said.

Amjad Naseem, Xenon PHD, KIPS 30-A
Going into detail about the harassment, she stated;
“Starting with taking pictures of them. You see, classes at kips mostly had windows at the back so the management could keep a better eye on students given it was co-ed. So this guy would sit at the back, before or after his class, take pictures of his targets and then send it to them over facebook. In my case he sent me mine and said I’m putting on weight but in all the good places so nothing to worry about. Then he told me what my size was, which he guessed it to be 30-32-36. I don’t know how that sequence works though. Then he would message after routine exam sessions on campus and ask how I did, or in general how students did. Then he’d be pissed off if you don’t reply, a few moments later on a shut up call he called me out and made my life a hell from there on.”
Here’s her full post:

I’ll be coming up with a couple of such cases, soon In sha Allah. HARASSMENT ON CAMPUS. AMJAD NASEEMXENON PHDKIPS…

Posted by Khadija Fatima on Friday, July 3, 2020

Couple Other Teachers From KIPS Are Also Accused Of Harassing Their Students

Another post shared by a female student of KIPS in an instagram group – “Inside Institutions” – talked about how one of Punjab’s most renowned teachers, Irfan Babu, who taught in KIPS for about a decade and is now teaching in Punjab University, used to take advantage of his position and groomed girls into getting closer to him. Talking about her encounter with him and how the institute provides room to these people and also encouraging others to come out with their stories too, she said;

“I witnessed this pervert while I was in KIPS for my MCAT. The institute needs to be shamed as much as the harassers because they provide them with the breeding grounds which nurture these predators. I hope more and more people share their experience with this man and he gets fired from all the positions he currently holds in all the educational institutes! This man should never be allowed anywhere near an educational institute and needs to be shamed publicly.”

She also shared multiple screenshots going into detail which are as follows:


It Does NOT End Here

Similarly, in another such case of harassment, a girl went on to share her experience in the Islamabad campus of KIPs with a teacher named Usman Ajmal. Choosing to stay anonymous, she stated;

“I want to share a similar incident but from KIPS ISLAMABAD G9 CAMPUS. The teacher’s name is USMAN AJMAL. He used to teach us English during MDCAT. He was a devil. A wolf in the disguise of sheep. I’m sure so many students will come forward saying a similar thing. He was a pervert. Worse kind. He used to touch us inappropriately. Used to spoil the girl’s minds. Telling them how and when to get out of campus easily. He’d say that he’d take them to an apartment. He’ll openly talk about condoms, s*x and God forbid whatnot. His mental torture made me and many of my fellows very very mentally disturbed. I couldn’t tell it to anyone at home.”

The girl further said that many other explicit details could be added but this should be enough to shed light on to the matter. Moreover, she said that she is not the only one who got harassed like this and many others have suffered from similar circumstances.

It is truly disgusting that people who are responsible for teaching and nurturing the students’ future are involved in such inhumane acts. Hopefully, they pay fully for their sins and are fired and kept away from all institutions in the future.


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