Mufti Muneeb yet again creates a divide in these tough times


Influential Ulema-e-Deen from all over Pakistan held a joint press conference at Karachi. They came on a mutual decision that the lockdown will no longer be implemented at mosques or Madrassas.

This decision came after the PM Imran Khan extends the lockdown by two more weeks. Ulema call for lift the ban on congregational prayers in mosques as the month of Ramzan is approaching.

The chairman of Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman announced at a press conference that

“Regular five times congregational prayers will be offered at mosques. Besides this, the ‘Tarawih’ prayers and ‘Itikaf’ will be arranged accordingly.”


Although this social gathering is absolutely against the measures everyone needs to take during the time of this pandemic. But Mufti Muneeb believes that their job is to lead people to offer prayers regularly, not to stop them.


Not only this ban on mosques creates a backlash in the country but also it causes attacks on defense forces from the religious circles. Police arrested many people who tried to enter the mosque while lockdown.



Mufti Taqi Usmani, another prominent clerical proposed the government should release all those who have been arrested while coming to the mosque for prayers. Further, we must take a step ahead and help the people who are affected by lockdown.

However, Health experts warn that social gatherings lead to the biggest threat to the country’s limited healthcare resources and infrastructure. The best ways to avoid the Coronavirus is social distancing and self-isolation.

Precautions & Suggestions

On the other hand, The Ulema decides to open the mosques with all the precautionary measures taken.

  • Every Namazi should follow the Government’s safety precautions (No handshake and embracing).
  • There will be no more ‘Khutbah’ in Urdu and will limit the prayer time.
  • The Sick and aged people should stay home for their prayers
  • The Carpets should be removed from Mosques.
  • The floor will be thoroughly washed and cleaned.
  • They will ensure the availability of sanitizers.
  • All the Namazi should do ‘Wudhu’ at home and come to Masjid wearing masks.

Terrible Toll

The death toll in Pakistan rises to 107 with 5,988 total numbers of cases till now. This extension of lockdown is due to the increasing number of cases in Pakistan.

Mufti Muneeb is somehow dividing the nation in this crucial time.  People are still not properly following the guidelines of government and now this “No Ban on Mosques” decision might leave public prone to COVID-19.

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