Motorway Rape Incident

Motorway Rape Incident – Latest Developments in the last 24 hours


Now Reading: Motorway Rape Incident – Latest Developments in the last 24 hours

The fancy concept and vision presented by Prime Minister Imran Khan to turn Pakistan into a “Riyasat-e-Madina” has lost all hopes of fulfillment now as despite rape cases growing so rampant recently, our government chooses to remains idle on the matter. In yet another tragic and heart-wrenching incident of the nature, a mother of three young children was raped in front of them on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway on Wednesday night by beasts from whom the world would be better off without.

The poor woman, whose current whereabouts are unknown, reportedly had come to Pakistan from France to teach her children about “Pakistani culture and Islam”. Little did she know, coming to this God forsaken society would cause her so much grief. Imagine just going through another day of your life, travelling with your children at night. Your car runs out of petrol in the middle of a motorway and you call for help, only for it to not arrive because who you called for says that you were not in the official ‘limits’ of their help’s availability. Two monsters come at you, break your car, steal your belongings and rape you in front of your children. For this woman, this horrific nightmare turned into a reality.

As soon as the news of the absolutely atrocity of this motorway rape incident came to be known to the public, people have shown immense support to the victims. It is unfortunate though that what should be the bare minimum, i.e. maximum punishment for the offenders of the crime, is having to be demanded by the netizens. Hanging the rapists publicly, that is the demand being made by everyone, as it should be.

Motorway Rape Incident

Latest Developments in the Motorway Rape Incident

In the last 24 hours, following this tragedy, many developments have taken place. Some that make you have some faith in the country’s people while others that make you lose some more. Let’s have a look at all of them.

  •  Indifferent and unhelpful, victim-blaming remarks were made by the city’s police chief, invoking anger from everyone and further adding fuel to the fire. CPO Umar Sheikh remarked, “What surprises me is that being a mother of three (young) children and the only driver (unaccompanied by an adult male), why would she not take the GT Road that has a population around it? If nothing else, she should have checked her fuel.”
  • These remarks received harsh criticism from everyone. The absolute state of the city’s police that would otherwise be responsible for protecting the people very deservedly disturbed the public, celebrities and Ministers alike.

  • After the extreme criticism from all sides, a meeting was called to hold the CCPO accountable for his actions and while he unfortunately wasn’t sacked as the public demanded, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Accountability – Shahzad Akbar – revealed that the officer has been ‘warned’ against making such inappropriate remarks in the future. Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has also sought a written explanation and apology from him.
  • The woman who was the rape victim revealed that after the rape, the men had also robbed her of Rs. 100,000 in cash. Some jewelry and her ATM cards were also swiped from her before they fled the scene.
  • On orders of Inspector General Inam Ghani, 20 teams of Lahore Police and CIA – headed by the deputy inspector general of police (investigation) – had been constituted to conduct detailed investigation of this case.
  • Musarrat Cheema revealed via a tweet that 12 suspects were arrested in connection to the case.

  • In the latest update in the case, the two leading suspects in the case have been taken into custody after the stolen atm cards were traced back to them.

Motorway Rape Incident

  • #HangRapistsPublically trends on twitter as aside from the Lahore case, more than 5 rape cases have arisen in the last 24 hours. These monsters don’t even leave poor kids. No wonder that the public’s anger against the CCPO’s statement has sparked even more as he tried to victim-blame in a society which can’t even protect corpses from getting violated.

Motorway Rape Incident

Our faith in the country’s administration, the government, the judiciary and the police i.e. the supposed ‘protectors’ of the citizens has just about completely deteriorated. We DEMAND that the rapists be hanged publicly for all see and to exact as an example for anyone who even tries to think of committing such an act.


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