Mother Nature’s Wonders Dolphins are back in Venice Waters as lockdown improved water quality


Italy entered in the second week of lockdown due to pandemic Coronavirus. On the other hand, Mother Nature decides to show us its glory.


Italy is the second country facing the biggest outbreak of Coronavirus which takes millions of lives so far. However, Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise as the Dolphins, Swans, Ducks, and fishes have been seen swimming in the city of Venice. The virus shows its unexpected side effects in a much-unexpected manner.

Canal of Venice, which used to swarming with residents and tourists on boats and gondolas are empty now and allowing the wildlife to come back and have fun in their old home.



Following the drastic reduction of water traffic and tourism, residents have observed the usually muddy canals run with bright, clearer water due to the sediment not being stirred up by gondolas and make canal’s bottom clearly visible.

A spokesperson for the Venice mayor’s office told

“With fewer water taxis and boats ferrying the city’s tourists and residents along the canals, the air has become cleaner”

Not only the water is cleaner now but the air population is decreased as well. According to the Satellite imagery by the European Space Agency shows a clear drop in nitrogen dioxide.

This less pollutant air and less populated Canals allow Mother Nature to show its miraculous beauty.

People on social media are sharing photos and videos of dolphins and other rarely seen wildlife on social media.

Some of us came forward in taking the responsibility of how we humans are ruining our nature and some adore the beauty.




 These beautiful sites of wildlife and water in the canal are a small sign of hope that all will be fine as the death toll of Italy rose to 2,978 leaving 2,257 in critical condition.

Moreover, Other landmarks and heritages of the world including The Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon West, Eiffel Tower, and the Colosseum in Rome, among others have closed to the public due to Coronavirus concerns. 



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