Monal Restaurant Sealed For Inflicting Illegal Damage On Environment

Monal Restaurant Sealed For Inflicting Illegal Damage On Environment


Reading Now: Monal Restaurant Sealed For Inflicting Illegal Damage On Environment

Monal Restaurant is probably one of the most iconic and popular hill-side restaurants in Islamabad. It is also one of the busiest and most engaging places for tourists and groups of people who want to enjoy good food with site seeing. But recently, it had been reported that the management at Monal Restaurant had been involved in taking harmful steps for the beautiful environment around it for their expansive intentions. As a result, Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Islamabad Wing) swung into action. Monal Restaurant has been sealed for inflicting illegal damage to the environment after their expansive project resulted in huge loss of trees.

Criminal Urbanization

Muhammad Saleem, the Climate Change Ministry’s focal person, reported that it was brought into attention of the PM advisor Malik Amin Asim that Monal Restaurant had been cutting trees and destroying the natural beauty of Margalla Hills National Park for expanding their establishment. And all this was being done without any sort of government level approval. A significant area of land has been degraded and countless number of trees have been cut illegally in this endeavor.

Monal Restaurant Sealed For Inflicting Illegal Damage On Environment

After the crime being reported, the District Administration threw a raid on the restaurant on May 18, 2020 where it was revealed that the few images of deforestation circulating on private accounts of social media users were in fact true.

While the raid was being conducted, two people of the restaurant management were arrested for their involvement in the scenario. FIR NO 224/20 has been launched against the restaurant management in Police Station Kohsar located in F-7 Islamabad.

Furthermore, the case has been taken to the Supreme Court in order to halt all kinds of construction endeavors in the nearby areas as well as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. An order of immediate stoppage is being awaited by the filing parties as an order copy is yet to be released by the court.

Remedial Actions Underway

Malik Amin Asif tweeted immediately after the raid that reforestation would start in the vicinity from the very next day. He also said that the area will be completely rehabilitated as soon as possible and it would be made sure that the national resources of Pakistan stay protected.

He also said that strict action would be taken against the culprits and legislation in accordance to environmental rights will be done to avoid any future happenings like these.

It is a healthy sign that authorities in Pakistan are taking nature conservation seriously. It is being hoped that Pakistan will develop its natural resources and ecological systems just enough for the citizens to breathe fresh air.

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