Mom Tears Son’s Electrical Engineering Degree After He Fails To Repair Fan


Reading Now: Mom Tears Son’s Electrical Engineering Degree After He Fails To Repair Fan

Pressure from one’s parents in their studies is something a lot of students experience. In some cases, this pressure to excel in life leaves the students not living up to their parents’ expectations. These expectations reach an even higher level when society judges a parent’s capabilities are judged by the achievements of their kids. An incident of this very nature came to life when a mother’s expectations came crashing down when her son was unable to ‘fix a fan.’

Yes, that’s right. Whether this came about due to the frustration caused by the combination of the coronavirus lockdown along with the extreme heat or the mother was just super strict, a mom in India TORE down her son’s Electrical Engineering Degree after he failed to repair a ceiling fan on a hot scorching day.

Years Of Academy Training……WASTED

electrical engineering

Ankur Mahajan, an electrical engineer from LNCT Bhopal, completed his engineering in June 2017 and was now looking to get a job via walk-in interviews while preparing for IES. Years of his academy training went to waste when he was put on the spot to fix a house fan. Ankur was casually sitting playing games when suddenly, the ceiling fan of his drawing hall stopped working. His mom asked him to fix it, considering they spent so much money on him to make him an engineer.

The poor guy, obeying his mother, tried his hand at fixing the now-broken fan. But despite his best tries, he couldn’t identify the problem, let alone fix it. The angered mother brought down the degree which was hanging in her son’s room and tore it to pieces. Devastated, Ankur left the house. Upon being questioned by a media outlet on this incident, he said;

“Man I am an electrical engineer, not an electrician who fixes fans and mixers. It would have been better if I did IT. Folks in my home would be happy too and I would also have gotten a job.”

It says a lot about today’s education system where an electrician can excel in practical work more than an electrical engineer. People run after degrees instead of attaining knowledge and end up being unemployed.

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